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Planning your bug out clothing and weather protection needs are quite obviously region specific. Southerners probably don't need full winter jackets in the summer, while those in the northern climes are probably good without watershoes or bathing suits during the winter months.First-hand experience here is important. If you've never spent a full day in the rain trying to do something you have no idea how soaked you can get even with a good parka and boots. Be prepared for each season you may encounter, and practice being outside in the extreme temperatures doing some of the survival tasks you may be one day called upon to use. Its quite an eye opener as to what you can and can't accomplish.

Bushcraft Couture?

All the fashionistas are raving about the hot new quasi-tactical bush styles coming out of Utah this year. Prepper is in. Camo in Bloomingdales? Hmm...maybe next year.

If you buy anything with the links we provide on this page we get a small percentage of the sale from Amazons end. For more info click here.

5.11 Men's TacLite Pro Pant

5.11 Mens & Ladies TacLite Pro Pant

Price: $50 MENS WOMENS
5.11 makes top-notch tactical gear. These pants have tons of useful pockets, and are designed to be tough but to be stain resistant. Great all-season use and comfortable enough to sleep in. Dries quickly. You can wear these pants for days and stay comfortable and not feel dirty or smelly. We've tested them repeatedly and they hold up like champs.

5.11 Men's TacLite Pro Shorts

5.11 Mens & Ladies TacLite Shorts

Price: $50 MENS WOMENS
What do you know, they make shorts too! All the goodness of the pants in a smaller package. But they cost the same as the pants...less material, same cost. Guess that's how it goes.

Darn Tough Men's Vermont Merino Wool Micro Crew Cushion Hiking Socks

Darn Tough Merino Wool Hiking Socks

Price: $20 MENS WOMENS
Don't skimp on socks. Merino wool is exceptionally comfortable and will keep you from getting blisters and foot irritation, even when wet. Very important. US made.

Merrell Mens Proterra Shoe

Merrell Proterra Shoes

Price: $99 MENS WOMENS 
See our Review here
Shoes! We could write a whole article dedicated to them (or dedicate a whole closet to the wife collection, but I digress.) We have used the Proterra shoes this past year and really like them. They are light and study for the low weight and material. Not exceptionally water-proof but dry fast and comfortable when wet.

Weather Protection

Time to accessorize

Cotton Military Boonie Hat


Cotton Military Boonie Hat

Price: $6
Cheapy hat with neck strap. Very important to keep your sun exposure down and regulate body temperature in hot climates. You will want a warmer hat of course, for sub-freezing temperatures. Can be waterproofed. We prefer this over more expensive versions because it can be crushed and smashed into our backpacks.

Ripstop Poncho

Waterproof Ripstop Hooded Poncho

Price: $20
There are several things to consider when buying a poncho. Most of the ones you see are cheap and have zero-durability. A ripstop poncho can stand a few holes pokin' into it and wontÊ fall apart on you after a few uses. You want grommets (aka eyelets) so you can attach cord or bungees to it and use your poncho as a shelter or tarp.

Shemagh Head Neck Scarf

Shemagh Head Neck Scarf

Price: $12
Shemaghs are very useful with over 33 different ways to use one. Available from any army navy supply store or online. They make great head and neck coverings and have been used for many years around the world. Offers both thermal and dust protection. Really comfy and they make you look like one bad dude...well...maybe.
Ripstop Poncho

Sea to Summit Mosquito Head Net

Price: $12
Who like mosquitoes and flies? Keep those bloodsuckers and their noseeum pals off your noggin with a head net. You could go with a full body net as well if you really want, but this should probably keep most people set. If you live in a place where the bugs are that bad anyway, you probably already know by now what you are up against.


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