Getting Started

Bag Organization

The key to an effective Bug Out Bag is being able to quickly find and take stock of the items within it! Keep it organized: tutorial and product guide.

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An INCH bag is a long-term Emergency Kit. It's like a Bug Out Bag on steroids. It holds much more product so its heavy and bulky. Learn more about them.

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Bug Out Bag

How-to build a 72 Hour Bug Out Bag Emergency Kit: tutorials with product lists, bag recommendations for men, women and children, packing strategies and organization tips.

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Get Home Bag

A Get Home Bag should cover you for 24-hours. It should provide you with H2O, food, outbreak protection, harsh environments, and a change of clothing.

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Everyday Carry

We've assembled an awesome Everyday Carry Bag: carry and purify H2O, flashlights, bio-threat protection, cutting tools, cordage, communication, and more!

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Choosing a Bug Out Bag Bag

Choosing a bug out bag from all the possible options is a daunting task! Let us help you narrow down the playing-field so you can get whats right for you.

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