Food & Firemaking

Bug Out Bag Food & Firemaking

Food & Firemaking

We humans can go several weeks without food, but think about well will you function? Have you ever tried fasting for a full day? Two days? Try it. Headaches, loss of energy, confusion, and lack of focus can all happen within 12 hours of your last meal.How long can kids go without eating?In high-stress environments your caloric usage will increase dramatically. So you need to carry as much food as you can without going overboard. Give yourself a variety of things to eat - after a few days of eating the same meal you will go bonkers.

And the need for fire for warmth is self explanatory. One thing to keep in mind, it would take an entire pickup-trucks worth of wood to keep you warm for one winters night if you don't have shelter! Tents are helpful, but you also need to learn how to build a fire reflectors.

Fire Starting

Comon' baby light my fire

Since the dawn of time mankind has been discussing ways of building and creating ever better fires. Well, its time to throw our two cents in! Before you get started though, make sure you understand and learn basic fire making techniques.

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Bic Lighter

Bic Lighters

Price: $1
Ol' faithful. The defacto standard for fire startin'. Why such a simple suggestion? They work great, are cheap, and easy to carry multiple pieces. And each should last for a long time. Plus there is no learning curve like some other methods. Only downsides: will not work when wet/frozen/eaten by bears.

Gerber Fire Starter

Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter

Price: $10
Grr, Bear Grylls. Why, he doesn't need no wimpy fire-starter, he can light fires with nothing but a harsh stare! But really, this actually isn't a bad little ferrocerium fire kit. Water-proof case (mostly) and an extra whistle in the lanyard give you some extra bells and....whistles...

UCO Stormproof Matches

UCO Stormproof Match Kit

Price: $6
These matches work when wet, in-fact, they even burn underwater. Nice! Wind resistant as well. These will give you about 15 seconds to get your tinder going, should be plenty of time if you set it up correctly.

Esbit Pocket Stove

Esbit Folding Stove w/ Fuel Tablets

Price: $10
This tiny little guy is made from steel, and comes with easy to light fire cubes. In a pinch you can heat up and hopefully boil water. You can also use sticks and small fuel as well. Not going to make a rib-eye on this thing, but if nothing else is available you'll be thankful to have it.


MSR Stowaway pot

MSR 775 ml Pot

Price: $20
6.5" stainless steel pot with a folding handle to secure the lid and keep it compact for packing. In your bag while not it use, there is space inside it to carry other items. Can hold a single can of soup or package or ramen, or use to heat water for rehydrating freeze-dried food.

GSI Stainless Cup

GSI Stainless Cup/Pot

Price: $12Designed to slip over standard 1-litre water bottles. Can be used as a cup or to heat food or water. Weighs 5.0 ounces and holds up to 18. Don't use straight from the fire - lip burn!

GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Steel Plate

GSI Stainless Plate

Price: $9
Super quality and heavy duty. Gotta eat off something, right? Probably not a good idea to go for plastic or paper. You need something sturdy that can handle some heat too. These may also come in useful for other reasons as well: frisbee, signal mirror, tiny shield, get the idea.

Survival Can Opener

Can Opener P-51 Model

Price: $2
Simple time tested design which has been around forever. Packs very small. Takes a little practice to use properly. Opens cans, of course, although we don't think carrying cans in a Bug Out Bag is a great idea. Too heavy. Better for your long term supply, but these are small enough to carry with you, just in case.

Titanium Spork

Light My Fire Titanium Spork

Price: $12
Stay away from plastic silverware, they just wont hold up and besides, its an oxymoron. Instead for for something like this titanium spork spoon-knife combo. Non-corrosive, non-magnetic. Hypoallergenic; non-toxic. Weighs 17 grams. Impress your friends!

CRK Eat n Tool

CRKT Eat N Tool

Price: $7
You want tiny? We got tiny! If the other spork proves to much for you, you can always downsize to this. It's a multitool which includes a spoon, fork, bottle opener, three hex wrenches, and a carabiner. We actually carry both sporks in our kits. We like to eat two handed, ok?

MSR Alpine Deluxe Cutting Board

MSR Alpine Cutting Board

Price: $8
Having a cutting board is a really nice item to have if you want to prepare food without putting it in the dirt, and as delicious as that sounds, its not really that good of an idea. I know, I know..bummer. Sorry, sometimes the truth hurts.

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron-Combo Cooker

Cast Iron Cookware Set

Price: $47
Cooking over a campfire requires pots and pans that can handle the heat. Cast iron is really simple to use (just keep it oiled after use) and will last for generations. We love ours and keep a set for camping and daily use.


Time to eat!

Mountain House

Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods

Price: $8
There's a million options for carrying food, but one that we like is Mountain House. Lots of variety, and super easy to prepare. Just put hot water into the pouch and its done. Shelf life is 10 years. Each package is super light weight. They also have smaller sizes but why wuss out? Get the bigguns.

Pure Organic Bars

Pure Bar Organic Variety Pack

Price: $20 for 12
It's important to carry ready-to-eat food with you, in the event you don't have time to sit a cook a meal. You want to go for high calorie in small sizes. We prefer organic food, but go for whatever you want, as long as its full of energy and stores well...and Slurpees may not be available.

Spice Missile by GSI Outdoors

Spice Missile by GSI

Price: $11
Salt & Peppa's here and we're in effect. Make way for a incoming flavor explosion with this spice missile! A taste attack on your mouth!


MSR Alpine Dish Brush

MSR Alpine Dish Brush

Price: $5
Gotta keep it clean. This is useful for your pots. Rubber scraper with nylon brushes. Don't over-think it.


Campsuds in Nalgene

Price: $3
Vegetable-derived soap, can be used for cleanup and personal hygiene. Strong, only needs a few drops.




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