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About Us

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Who we are: 


We're a husband and wife team, blessed with a wonderful marriage and an amazing son. We are life-long outdoor enthusiasts and have both been into Natural Crafts and Survivalism since we were kids. When we met it was a match made in heaven, and we knew it!

We are Army brats, Scouts, avid practitioners of Bushcrafting, Primitive Living, Foraging, and Homesteading.  We belong to our local CERT team and we are FCC licensed Amateur Radio Operators. Coach Bobb is a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT) + NAEMT TCCC Certified (Tactical Combat Casualty Care.)

We spend most of our time in the SE US but travel when we can and spend most of our vacation days in the woods somewhere making camp fires with fatwood and firesteel.

We've been on a journey of preparedness for over 10 years, having lived through more hurricanes than we care to count. When we started building our own Bug Out Bags it was difficult to do: all the info out there is confusing, often contradictory, and sometimes flat-out wrong. So we decided to do something about it, and make this website so that it's easy for folks to get good information and get prepared in a fun and fast way.

We created Bug Out Bag Builder to be a resource for you and your family so you can be prepared to be comfortable in stressful or wilderness situations without access to many of the modern conveniences we have become used to, should things ever get that bad.

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Thank you for stopping by, and we wish blessings and great fortune on you and your family!


Coach Bobb & Coach Pat


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