2016 Prepper Christmas Gift Guide

2016 Prepper Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is coming!! We can certainly use it this year.... We've put together a list of stocking stuffer ideas for that hard-to-shop-for Prepper in your life (they already have everything they need stockpiled already, right?) Ton's of ideas - save yourself some time and get them exactly what they want shipped to your door from Amazon.

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Tactical Christmas Stocking With Molle

Tactical Christmas Stocking with Molle Gear

Start Christmas off right by letting Santa knows exactly what you want this year with a Tactical Stocking! Nothing says MORE MRE'S 4 ME PLZ like this Stocking from Garud. MOLLE, velcro for morale patches, tactical handle...bring-on the bounty!

Typical Price: $13.99

Petzl Tikkina Headlamp

Petzl Tikkina Headlamp

Want to know how santa gets around in the dark without tripping over the Christmas tree? His secret is the Tikkina Headlamp from Petzl! Lightweight and easy to use. 2 lighting modes and up to 80 lumen output.

Typical Price: $19.95

5 Pack of Carabiners

5pc Carabiners

Forget 5 Golden Rings, get 5 Carabiners instead! Like paracord and duct tape, you can never have enough Carabiners around. Useful for a million different things: sting up some Christmas lights, rope up some wreaths, just go nuts.

Typical Price: $9.98

Diaper Clutch Tactical Diaper Bag

Diaper Clutch Tactical Diaper Bag

Got new parents on your shopping list? Get them prepared for the Poo-poclaypse with a tactical diaper bag with MOLLE. Built tough for heavy doody (er, duty.) Built in changing pad. Not bulletproof.

Typical Price: $24.97

100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition

100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition: The SEAL Operative?s Guide to Surviving in the Wild and Being Prepared for Any Disaster

Without skills, all the gear in the world won't help you. Get up to speed with this awesome new book from Clint Emerson. Tons of illustrations, and each subject is only a couple of pages long , the perfect present for the preoccupied prepper.

Typical Price:: $14.99

Tactical MOLLE Rip-Away First Aid Pouch

Tactical MOLLE Rip-Away EMT Medical First Aid Utility Pouch

Slip on the ice? Gotta splinter from the Christmas tree? Road salt in the eye? Get your First Aid kit organized and ready with this awesome rip-away pouch. Fill it with all the gauze you can get your hands on! Comes in holiday colors. Do not practice on Grandma.

Typical Price: $17.99

Survival Grenade Key Chain

Survival Grenade Emergency Key Chain

In-laws coming to town? Grab your Survival Grenade and jump out the back window! You'll be covered since it comes with a Sharp Eye Knife, Several feet of Paracord, Carabiner, Tin Foil, Cotton Tinder, Magnesium Flint Rod, + Fishing tools (Sinkers & Swivels, Hooks, Floats, and Fishing Line).

Price: $9.95

Fenix E01 Flashlight

Fenix E01 Flashlight

Looking to carry a great flashlight in your skinny jeans but don't want to raise eyebrows? Look no further, the Fenix E01 has you covered. 21 hour run time using just one 1.5V AAA battery at 13 lumens. IPX-8 Waterproof, submersible to 2 meters for 30 minutes.

Price: $10.00

Baofeng UV5RA Ham Two-Way Radio

Baofeng UV5RA Ham Two-Way Radio

Keep a neighborhood watch out for the Jolly Red Fellow with these great radios from Baofeng. They can operate on the un-licensed bands, and on the Ham bands. If you have a budding Ham Operator in your life, this is the gift for them. Here's how to get a radio license. 

Typical Price: $27.49

Survival Wraps Paracord Bracelet

Survival Wraps Emergency Paracord Bracelet

Nothing says prepper fashion than a paracord survival bracelet. It's almost a requirement - have one, wear one, or lose your membership card. This is one of the best on Amazon, which includes a compass, and magnesium rod. Eat your heart out Grylls.

Typical Price: $7.95

Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System

Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System

Sick of eggnog but nothing left to drink but the melted snow puddle out back? No problem, grab a Sawyer Mini and drink fresh water to your hearts content. Filters up to 10,000 gallons and protects from bacteria and viruses. Will not protect from Cousin Vern's holiday punch made with lighter fluid.

Typical Price: $19.99

SOG Ninja Daypack

SOG Ninja Daypack

Become a Ninja with this sweet backpack. This pack has multiple features that make it versatile and functional for either school or daytime outdoor adventures. It also has left and right hydration hose ports and a padded mesh back to keep the water flowing no matter what the activity, be it jumping up walls or protecting your dojo.

Typical Price: $21.99

UST SplashFlash LED Light

Ultimate Survival Technologies SplashFlash LED Light

Give your Christmas tree a prepper makeover by hanging waterproof LED lights instead of plain-old-christmas bulbs and spare yourself from the inevitable cord tangle. Waterproof and tiny, these things are great for EDC's, BOB's, cars, tents, etc.

Typical Price: $9.00

Survival Spark Magnesium Fire Starter

Survival Spark Magnesium Survival Fire Starter

Spark up that yule time log with a magnesium fire starter. You could do it with matches sure, but wheres the fun in that? This firestarter has over 15,000 sparks in it AND a built-in whistle and compass to help you find your way to the fireplace and let everyone know you're there!

Typical Price: $8.95

TITAN Extra-Thick Emergency Sleeping Bag

TITAN Extra-Thick Emergency Mylar Sleeping Bag

Dreaming of a white christmas? Keep yourself nice and cozy with an emergency sleeping bag if you get stuck in the snow. Each bag is designed to help prevent hypothermia and shock by retaining up to 90% of your body heat. Packs small. May be used by you on the couch if it is what you purchased for the wife.

Typical Price: $17.98

Arcadia Outdoors Cookware Mess Kit

Arcadia Outdoors Cookware Mess Kit for Camping

You cant make a Christmas ham in it but you can cook dinner for you and your loved one with this portable cooking wear set from Arcadia. Made from anodized aluminum so it's lightweight and portable. Cooking skill not included.

Typical Price: $17.98

Zebra Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pen

Zebra Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pen

If the pen is truly mightier than the sword, then the Zebra pen is the equivalent of Isuldurs Narsil...but if that reference was lost on you, lets just say this is a great pen, refillable, super sturdy, designed to least for years. Not to be used against Sauron.

Typical Price: $4.65

Mama Koala Camo Cloth Diaper

Mama Koala Camo Cloth Diaper

Santa will never see your kids coming in these Camo cloth diapers. Save money and let your kid look like a tough-guy while they're "On Duty."

Typical Price: $8.49

Tactical Facemask & Neck Cover

Tactical Facemask & Neck Cover

Be the king of the block during snowball fights with a tactical face  mask. Protects from the sun in the summer, and helps sneak past your in-laws at the shopping mall year-round.

Typical Price: $15.95

Lansky BladeMedic

Lansky BladeMedic

If the wife burned up the ham again this year then you'll need to sharpen up your tools after dulling them up on her rock-hard glaze (sorry honey.) The Lansky Blademedic will straighten them right up.

Typical Price: $8.99


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