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Your how-to guides for emergency preparedness.

Discover how to build a campfire, use a compass, prevent and treat blisters, and communicate using radio frequencies during emergencies.

Cook Over a Campfire

Learn how to cook over a campfire. What wood to use, how to build the fire, what tools can help, and what common mistakes to avoid.

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Baofeng UV-5R: Basic Setup & Emergency Frequencies

The BaoFeng UV-5R is a compact handheld transceiver that can quickly transmit on emergency frequencies and communication when disaster strikes. Learn the basic setup frequencies with our easy to use guide!

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Prevent and Treat Blisters

Blisters can form during an emergency or evacuation situation. Learn how to prevent and treat blisters and prepare you emergency go bag with the right shoes and socks.

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How to Find Direction Using the Sun and Stars

In a survival situation, learning how to navigate by the stars and the sun could be lifesaving. Determine direction and time with our helpful sun and star navigation guide.

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Use a Signal Mirror

One of the most important signaling devices you can have in your emergency kit is a signal mirror. Read our guide for tips on buying a good signal mirror and how to use one.

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A Guide To Water Treatment In The Backcountry

Discover best practices for water treatment in the backcountry. Learn the different types of waterborne bacteria, what to look for in water sources, and how to filter water with our guide.

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Test Your Survival Gear

Prepare you and your family for emergencies by testing your survival gear and practicing scenarios. Organize an emergency action plan and map out escape routes with these helpful tips.

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Store Food Medium Term (6-12 months)

How can you store food long-term without electricity? It's pretty easy, we'll show you how.

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Use a Compass

Learning how to use a compass will reduce the threat of getting lost. Read our guide to discover how to orient compass degrees and navigation and prepare you for an emergency situation.

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Communicate Off-Grid Digitally via Amateur Radio

Discover the basic elements of a packet radio for sending messages and files over the air. Learn why bug out laptops can be useful in your emergency kit bag and what hardware options are available.

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