Leatherman Style PS

Leatherman Style PS

Leatherman Style PS

Welcome to Micro-Tool Month! We're going to spend the next 4 weeks (or so) looking into a bunch of small, light-weight, multi-functional tools that make great additions to an Every Day Carry or Bug Out Bag.

We'll start off with our favorite travel tool that goes with us everywhere, since its TSA safe so can go on an airplane: the Leatherman Style PS.

Is it worth $25? Lets explore:

Mighty Micro-Tool

Lets start out by cutting to the chase, we love this thing. It's very sturdy and feels substantial even for its small size.

It opens and closes with a satisfying "click" and locks into place satisfactorily.

It's made from stainless steel and glass-filled nylon thermoplastic which makes it lightweight and strong.

Strong = reliability when you need it.

Leatherman Style PS Full Sized

The Leatherman Style PS includes 8 tools: spring-action needle nose pliers, spring-action regular pliers, spring-action wire cutters, spring action scissors, flat/phillips screwdriver, tweezers, nail file, carabiner/bottle opener.

The use cases are manyfold,and having a set of pliers is a tool usually overlooked in peoples EDC's or BOB's.

Leatherman Style PS Closed Top

Leatherman Style PS Closed Bottom

Leatherman Style PS Pliers

Leatherman Style PS Tweezers and Bottle Opener

Leatherman Style PS Scissors

Leatherman Style PS File

If you prefer to have a bladed option (thats non-TSA approved) than the Leatherman Squirt is the way to go.

Or if you want to go full-sized then the Leatherman Wave is our daily-user.

The Style CS3.1" long 0.25" deep and 0.75" wide when closed and weighs only 1.53ounces.

Small enough to carry on a key chain if you wanted to.

The meh: the clip on the carabiner feels like it could fail, and I've read some complaints about the scissors.

Hardly deal-breakers, just set your expectations. But all told its a very solid product and still very worthy.

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Leatherman Style PS

Typical Price: $25

The TSA compliant Style PS is a unique, travel-friendly multitool with spring-action pliers, a file, scissors, tweezers, bottle opener and mini-screwdriver.

Perfect for long and short trips when you need the essentials within reach.

Fits in a pocket or clips on your pack or bag for easy portability. So stylish it's almost a shame it fits so easily in your pocket. Closed Length: 2.9 inches (7.5 cm); Weight: 1.58 oz (44.7 g).


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