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My Medic First Aid Kits Review

My Medic First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits. It's a complex subject for those of us uninitiated in the medical arts. What to put in one? How big should they be? How much should they cost? Do you buy a pre-made one or build your own?

There is the easy way, and it's the route we've chosen for ourselves, and that is to purchase high-end pre-made kits from My Medic.

We'll explain our reasoning, and why we suggest you consider doing the same for your emergency kits.

Benefits of Pre-made First Aid Kits

Whether you want to roll your own, or buy a kit made, both have can benefits & downsides.

My Medic First Aid In Backpack

The first reason to buy a pre-made kit is money

Believe it or not, ordering a pre-assembled kit can save you cash as long as you buy the right kit and only need a few FAKs (First Aid Kits.)

This is because most medical supplies come it rather large quantities. You can't order a couple of rubber gloves, you need to order a box of 100. This is just one example; for most of the items in the kit you will need to order much more that you will need for 1-2 kits.

If you are making 20 kits, than this is the way to go to be sure. Make a list of the items you need for each kit and go out and purchase in bulk. Or even if you would like to have the extra supplies around and have the space for it.

But if you only need a few (or one) then only get the quantities you need by purchasing a pre-made First Aid Kit.

The second reason is experience

We knew we needed a few good first aid kits for our emergency survival gear, but wanted to get the right gear. We started to do research about it, and the amount of information out there was immense, and often contradictory.

So what to do? We looked for a company we could trust who knows how to build the right kids of kits because that's what they do all the time. We wanted a company that worked with and was endorsed by First Responders. That led us to My Medic.

After talking with the great folks over there we knew we we're going to be in good hands. So we ordered 5 kits from them: 3 MyFAKs and 2 Solo kits. We'll discuss them in greater detail later on.

The third reason is convenience

Got lots of time on your hands? Great! Make your own FAK's. You'll learn a lot along the way and maybe even have fun doing it.

But if you are like us, and time is at a premium, then getting a First Aid Kit from a trusted supplier is the way to go. You're getting the right stuff, the first time, and can just attach it to or stick it into your Bug Out Bag or Get Home Bag.

Do you still need to do homework to learn how to use it? Yes! But that is a story for another day...

How Much Kit Do You Need?

This is a key question; how much first aid equipment should you carry with you in an emergency survival kit? It's easy to go overboard, and easy to not have enough.

So the question breaks down to a few factors:

  • How many people is the kit for?
  • What type of kit are you including this in (GHB, BOB, INCH?)
  • How much can you afford to spend?

Based on those criteria, we will look at the current options from MyMedic and where they would be most useful.

We'll start with the smallest and work our way up in size.

The Solo First Aid Kit

My Medic First Aid Solo Line-up

The aptly named Solo kit is designed for 1, and is small enough to include throw in a commuter pack, a get home bag, or in the car. The Solo is also TSA friendly, so take in on a plane with you without issues.

It was designed to be a boo-book kit, to treat minor, non-life threatening aliments. So scrapes, burns, small cuts, bites, those kinds of things.

Basic or Advanced?

Like all MyMedic Kits it comes in two flavors: Basic for $50 and Advanced for $90.

The Advanced Kit holds nearly all the same items as the basic, but adds a Rats Tourniquet, Liquid Skin, and a Survival Card.

All good additions, but in this case, given the kit size and what it is mainly designed to do, I would recommend the Basic Solo.

The Solo also comes in two styles of case, a soft and hard case. Although the soft case isn't waterproof in the same way the plastic case is, I recommend the soft case. It has MOLLE straps and can be attached to the outside of a backpack.

See a list of what's included in both here.

MyMedic The Solo | First Aid Kit

Typical Price: $50 Basic | $100 Advanced

Small, water resistant and lightweight... this First Aid Kit comes in 5 colors so you can match it to any outfit! Fits perfectly in most backpacks and it's even safe for carry-on wherever you fly.


The MyFAK First Aid Kit

My Medic First Aid MyFAK Colors

The MyFAK kit is the kit you want to get if you have the space and the money for it. The Basic Kit will set you back $120 and the Advanced $240.

That may sound like a lot of money, and it is, but you are getting the one and only First Aid Kit you would ever need in either case. Why?

Well for starters, these FAKS are essentially well rounded out trauma kits. The Advanced Kit can temporarily treat gaping wounds, amputations, deep cuts and infections, sucking chest wounds, obstructed airways, and more.

It also includes a suture kit, topical and sprain treatments, and other important survival items to treat shock, sun-stroke, and dehydration.

Basic or Advanced?

If you want to treat firearm related injuries then the Advanced is the better of the two, since it has more serious bleeding controls.

If you are just looking for a really good, all around kit for you and the family then the Basic does the job.

See a list of what's included in both here.

My Medic First Aid Outdoor Survival Guide

There is a very cool Survival Guide with Backcountry Skills and First Aid Procedures that comes in both the Basic and Advanced Kits.

One thing we really like about the MyFAK: the velcro on the back of it sticks directly to carpeting used in many cars and trucks if you remove the MOLLE backing.

One of our basic kits lives in our cars at all times and stays nice and snug attached to the wall of the trunk.

My Medic First Aid In A Trunk

Or you can use the backing that comes with it, and attach it to the back of a headrest. When you need it, you can tear it right off of the retaining strap and get into it in seconds.

My Medic First Aid On Seat Back In Vehicle

Pro Tips

  • When you first get your kit and open it up you will noticed that it is packed very tight (especially the Advanced.) Do yourself a favor and snap a few photos of the inside of the kit so you'll know where to put everything back before pulling the stuff out. Re-packing the kit the way it was can be a tricky affair if you do it too quickly (as we did..!)
  • Throw some extra band-aids and alcohol wipes in there. These are what we are reaching for 90% of the time we open ours so you can't have too many, and they don't take up any space.
  • Also make sure the shears and tourniquet (if you have one) are the easiest to grab because the types of wounds you would need then for require quick action. You don't want to be digging around looking for them.
  • If there are any medications you take daily, or if you wear disposable contacts, put some of both in there as backups.

Alternative Kits

If you are looking for a similar FAK to the Large MyMedic FAK that has nearly all the same gear but is half the price, we recommend looking at the Surviveware Large First Aid Kit. For $105 you get a huge amount of items in a well organized, easy to use kit.

It's a little bit larger than the MyMedic FAK and doesn't have some of the trauma equipment, but is a better choice for those not super familiar with first aid equipment and gear. All the items are laid out and labeled in a way that makes them easy to find when time is of the essence.

Surviveware photo

Where to get a MyMedic FAK?

BTW If you buy anything from the links we provide on this page we might get a small percentage of the sale. For more info click here.

The best place to get a MyMedic First Aid kit is directly from their website because:

1) 20% off if you are a first responder, fire fighter, EMT's, etc

2) or 10% off your first order when you buy from

MyMedic MyFAK | First Aid Kit

Typical Price: $120 Basic | $240 Advanced

The MyFAK (My First Aid Kit) was designed with three goals: Adaptive - Functional - Indestructible. This First Aid Kit can be used anywhere from a day at the park with the kids, a multi-day backpacking adventure, or off-road in your Jeep. If you're out there, the MyFAK will be there for you.


My Medic First Aid Ad

You can also grab some of their kits on Amazon.


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