Uncle Bill's Silver Gripper Tweezers

Uncle Bill's Silver Gripper Tweezers

Uncle Bill's Silver Gripper Tweezers

With many micro-tools, some concessions are usually made in the spirit of cramming lots of functionality into a little package.

But in the case of the Uncle Bill's Gripper Tweezers, it focuses on doing one thing and one thing only, and doing it extremely well with a small footprint.

You might be asking yourself "why are we talking about tweezers?"

How are they relevant in a Bug Out Bag, Go bag, or EDC?

Uncle Bill's Sliver Gripper Tweezers held in the hand

Tweezers are a removal tool. The two most obvious uses are the removal of splinters and ticks from skin.

Bee stingers and other insect parts are also made quick work of by these pin point tweezers.

Working with thread and fishing lines are also made easy with these.

Having a signal mirror and a pair of tweezers can help you get things our of your eyes that can lodge in there while walking in the woods. It happens a lot!

Tweezers are a must-have item for your emergency kits.

Whether its these or a pair you have sitting in a drawer somewhere, just make sure they have a fine point and have clean edges so they can grab stuff properly. 

Here's a guide to removing ticks with tweezers.

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Uncle Bill's Silver Gripper Tweezers


Uncle Bill's Silver Gripper Tweezers

Typical Price: $8

100% Made in the USA tweezers. Spring-tempered stainless steel construction tweezers keeps perfect alignment.

Precision ground points provide pin-point gripping Uncle Bill's Sliver Gripper is a unique precision manufactured item that is a favorite for First Aid usage, but has become renowned for its’ ability to be used in countless applications.

We stand out from all other tweezers for many reasons, our product is completely manufactured in the U.S.A. with only high quality American made stainless steel, our recloseable tube packing and key chain clip holder packings (being sold here) are unique among all tweezer brands and the Sliver Gripper is registered with the FDA as a surgical instrument for manual use.


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