Custom Bag Builder Tool

Custom Bag Builder Tool


Select a Bag Type to Get Started

Choose a bag type from the list below

We've filled each type of bag with a selection of quality products that will provide a good foundation for you to build on and customize. Feel free to add or remove products. You can also start from scratch by selecting 'Build Your Own Bag' below. Visit our FAQ section for more detailed directions.


Get Home Bag

24-Hour Bag

Build a GHB bag

A Get Home Bag is a 24-Hour kit designed to help you get you home during an emergency. It can be kept in a vehicle or at your workplace. Learn more about Get Home Bags Here


Every Day Carry

Our Pre-Filled 12-Hour Bag

Build an EDC bag

Everyday Carry bags are small kits meant to be with you no matter where you go, and to help you during the first 12-Hours of an Emergency Event. Our curated kit is designed to handle day-to-day events up-to big problems.  


Bug Out Bag

72-Hour Emergency Kit

Build a BOB bag

A Bug Out Bag aka Go-Bag is meant to supply you with 72-Hours worth of Emergency Supplies: Food, Water, Shelter, & Clothing. Our curated kit gives you coverage in nearly each of these areas. Complete with items you already own. 


I'm Never Coming Home
Bag Builder

Longer than 72-Hours

Build an INCH bag

"I'm Never Coming Home" Bags are for long-term displacement events: perhaps your home has been destroyed, or you cannot return to it for a long time. What items would you need if you had to recreate your home somewhere else?

Over Board

Overboard Bag

For boating survival

Build an Overboard bag

Survival planning for trips on the water is exceptionally important: you cannot survive for long periods at a time treading water without some support materials or a way to signal for help. 


Build Your Own
Bag Builder

Start from scratch and build a custom bag.

Build Your Bag

An empty slate so you can start from scratch. We've included all categories and products we recommend.