Get Home Bag

Get Home Bag

Get Home Bag

Duration: 24 Hours


Away From Home Emergencies: Storms, Tornado, Power Outage, Flood, Biological, Radiological, Chemical, or Terrorist Incidents

Must Have Gear:

Water, Food, Clothing, Lighting, Fire Making, Weather Protection, Visibility Gear, Games or Distractions, Maps, Sleeping Kit

Once you have your Everyday Carry ready put it into a small backpack which you can keep in the trunk of your car, under a seat, or in a drawer in the office. This Get Home Bag should cover you for a 24-hour period. It should provide you with water, food, protection against an outbreak or harsh environment, and a change of clothing. It will also help if you need to spend the night somewhere unexpectedly such as the floor of a shelter or a bus station somewhere.

If you don't have a car, you can incorporate the items below into your Bug Out Bag. Your needs may be different depending on whether you are carrying kids around all day, so you may want to have another extra bag for their stuff with more water, snacks, and distractions.

In a scenario where you must walk during an evacuation, put your Bug Out Bag on your back, and then strap the Get Home Bag across the front of your body but putting your arms through the straps and have the pack resting against your stomach and chest. Not the best long-term solution but it keeps your arms free if you cant squeeze the items in the GHBs into your BOBs.

High Sierra Loop Backpack

High Sierra Loop

Typical Price: $29
Specs: This is an amazing pack with tons of features you wouldn't see until much higher prices. The best value we've seen in any pack. This can also make a fantastic BOB for most folks. The loops on the bottom are so handy and the strap design is perfect. One of our favorites.


Condor Compact Assault Pack

Typical Price: $60
Specs: A strong mid-grade tactical pack that offers a ton of features and storage options. MOLLE attachments allow expansion outside if desired. Hydration pouch built-in. Capable of carrying a ton of gear, or cinched down if lighter loads are desired. 


5.11 Covrt 18 Backpack

Typical Price: $129
Specs: See our full review here. A tactical pack in civilian clothing. MOLLE hides on the inside. Hydration bladder ready. Padded laptop sleeve. Lots of admin options. Very comfortable yolk-style straps.


Vertx EDC Gamut Pack

Typical Price: $199
Specs: One of our favorite packs of all time. Incredibly well built: durable, excellent design, smartly laid out. Velco lining along the inside allows you to customize the layout as you see fit. Low profile colors keep people uninterested, especially the Bracken color.

What goes in it:

Upgrades / Additions:


Next Step: Build A Bug Out Bag

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