QuietKat All Terrain Electric Bikes

QuietKat All Terrain Electric Bike

QuietKat All Terrain Electric Bikes

We're always interested in looking at transportation alternatives over here at Bug Out Bag Builder.

Thinking out of the box is part of what makes us tick!

So when we came across the electric bikes that QuietKat makes we were intrigued for several reasons.

Our first though was: it be used as a Bug Out Vehicle?

Depending on your particular situation it probably could.

QuietKat All Terrain Electric Bike leaning against a tree with a trailer

Many of the models they offer have max load capacities of 300lbs, so depending on your weight and the amount of gear you are taking with you, one would think that it might be sufficient for most as a backup emergency vehicle.

All the QuietKat bikes have a range of about 20 miles per charge, which seems a pretty decent amount for an ebike.

You would probably want to pedal when you could, and save the electric ride for when you needed it most.

QuietKat All Terrain Electric Bike with trailer in a campsite next to a lake in the woods

Each bike has a top speed of 20 to 25 MPH depending on the model.

All of the QuietKat bikes they currently make appear to be mainly designed for off-road or trail use.

You might be able to find a road bike from a different manufacturer with better mileage and distance specs if you are in and traveling through populated areas.

We thought the Bandit model was interesting because it is a smaller folding bike, one that could easily be stashed in a trunk or the back of a truck without being noticed.

QuietKat All Terrain Electric Bike folding bike model

Despite its smaller size the Bandit still weighs in at about 70lbs!

Just 5 lbs lighter than it's bigger cousins. That will give you a work out for sure!

That's not the only thing that's heavy about QuietKat bikes, with models starting at $2,300 all the way up to $6,500 you'd have to be pretty well heeled to be able to lug one around.

We can dream, cant we?


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