How to Create Writing, Paper, and the Printing Press From Scratch

How to make paper, ink, and a printing press from scratch in a post-modern world.

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Introduction to Packet Radio

With Packet Radio you can use a laptop /tablet/smartphone in conjunction with a Terminal Node Controller and a Radio to send messages and files via radio waves.

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goTenna Mesh Teardown

See inside the guts of a goTenna Mesh. What components it's made of, and how it works.

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How To Communicate When the Grid Goes Down

Relying solely on your cellphone to communicate with your friends, neighbors, and family during an emergency is dangerous. Have a backup system! We explain some options in this article.

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Demonstrating Ultra-Portable Amateur Digital Stations

Very often I’m asked about ultra-portable amateur digital comms. So I thought right now would be an excellent time to kick off the ultra portable digital comms series.

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Best Disaster Preparedness Apps

Nowadays nearly all of us have the ability to carry an entire libraries worth of information around with us in our pockets - and receive timely and important emergency information in ways never even dreamed of less that 20 years ago.

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Basic Emergency Communications

Looking for simple advice about basic emergency communication preparedness items? We'll give you an easy-to-understand list of the items you should consider.

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Understanding Radio-Wave Propagation

The sun has a large effect on long-distance radio communication on Earth. Solar flares, as well as sun spots, can make long-distance communication possible . . . or impossible.

By Jonathan Imberi

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