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When our family moved next to "hurricane alley" many years ago we decided it would be a good idea to get some Emergency Supplies together for the inevitable storms. When we wanted to make some Bug Out Bags we were starting from scratch, so we turned to the internet to give us a hand. That was a painful experience to say the least....

Much of the information out there was contradictory at best and just plain wrong at worst. And it seemed like many of the blogs out there were more interested in selling something rather than giving good or relevant advice. We started buying books too, and that was a much better experience from a learning standpoint, but oftentimes there weren't specific product recommendations and if there were they were often a little out of date. 

It took us months of work and a LOT of money and time to get our basic kit together but during that process we had an idea...why don't we make a list of the products we have tested and believe in that we can share with our friends and family? That list eventually grew, and we realized that others out there might benefit from our personal research as well, and so Bug Out Bag Builder was born!

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Guides For Emergency Kits & Supplies:

The Learning & Tutorials sections is meant to give you ideas about the types of products you should have for each of your Emergency Kits, and we make specific recommendations as inspiration and verification that that particular product will suit your needs. This is where you are right now. 

Step 1: Choosing An Emergency Bag

Step 2: Everyday Carry

Step 3: Get Home Bag

Step 4: Bug Out Bag

Step 5: INCH Bag

Step 6: WUSH Bag

Step 7: Bag Organization

Required Survival Gear:

For a deeper dive into the products you should consider in your Emergency Kits, check out the Bug Out Gear page.

Bug Out Clothing

Comfort & Reference Items

Emergency Shelter & Bedding

First Aid Kit, Exposure, Hygiene

Food & Firemaking

Water Treatment & Containment


Bug Out Tools

Bug Out Communications

Portable Power

Important Documents

Further Reading

Prepare For:

Learn how to deal with specific types of natural disasters and the unique consequences of each.

Home Fires

Power Outages

Winter Storms




Water Safety

Product Reviews:

Our Product Reviews come from a rigorous non-scientific testing methodology: we get stuff we like and use it. A lot. We try to use them in the ways we would during an emergency. We take them around the world on adventures. In some cases we try to break them. In all cases we do as honest an assessment as we can about the pros and cons of a particular product and explain how it fits into an Emergency Kit. 

Custom Bag Builder Tool:

We also have a Custom Bag Builder Tool, which offers you the ability to start with a curated Emergency Kit that we've made and adjust it to suit your needs. Pick from an EDC, GHB, BOB, INCH, or Overboard Bag. You can also start from scratch and make your own Kit out of the items which we have vetted and recommend. Then with a click you can send that Kit over to Amazon.com and it will be in your Cart over there. Sooo easy, wish we had something like that all those years ago!

The BOBB Blog:

And for general topics we have a good-ol Blog...the BOBB BLOG if you will. Good reads over there that give general info about whatever happens to strike our fancy at the time in the Emergency Planning world.

Ready to get started?

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