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Man walking through the woods with a backpack on

Learning & Tutorials

Welcome! You ready to start getting prepared? Lets rock!

Required Gear

A pickup truck full of survival gear in the woods

Prepare For...

Destroyed homes and emergency personnel

Learn how to deal with specific types of natural disasters and the unique consequences of each.

Product Reviews

Maxpedition backpack on the ground with a bottle carrier

We get the gear, beat it up, and share the results!

Custom Bag Builder Tool

Bug Out Bag Builder Custom Bag Builder Tool Image

We also have a Custom Bag Builder Tool, which offers you the ability to start with a curated Emergency Kit that we've made and adjust it to suit your needs. Pick from an EDC, GHB, BOB, INCH, or Overboard Bag.

You can also start from scratch and make your own Kit out of the items which we have vetted and recommend. Then with a click you can send that Kit over to Amazon.com and it will be in your Cart over there.

The BOBB Blog

And for general topics we have a good-ol Blog...the BOBB BLOG if you will. Good reads over there that give general info about whatever happens to strike our fancy at the time in the Emergency Planning world.

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