Valley Food Storage

Valley Food Storage makes it easy and inexpensive to prepare your long term food supplies. Their freeze dried meal kits have a 25-year shelf life, are easy to prepare, and best of all, taste delicious!

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Mountain House 3-Day Emergency Food Supply Kit

Looking for the best kind of food for your Bug Out Bag or Survival Kit? Maybe for home use during a hurricane or natural disaster? Look no more!

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Columbia River Knife and Tool's Eat N Tool

Your Bug Out Bag needs cutlery! Keep it small and light with the Columbia River Knife and Tool's Eat N Tool. See our review and describer here!

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Bug Out Cookware

We all need to eat, right? During stressful times it becomes more important than most realize: food not only provides sustenance but increases your Positive Mental Attitude - especially warm, cooked meals.

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