Soldier Fuel Energy Food Bars

Soldier Fuel Energy Food Bars

Soldier Fuel Energy Food Bars

One thing we think about a lot over here at BOBB HQ is food. We like to eat! Especially when things are stressful and we need the energy to perform.

While we recommend having freeze dried foods for your emergency kits, and a way to heat up the water need to reconstitute them - having something that is ready to eat, while on the go, is also important.

We like high calorie snacks that can provide the body with a quick jolt of energy. Things like peanut butter and trail mix come to mind. But they can be tricky to carry and eat while moving, and they stay fresh for long periods of time.

Unless you are in your survival kit all the time and rotating out your snacks, you're going to have something old and expired in there that will be inedible when you need it.

While there are a lot of good solutions out there to this problem, we want to bring one in particular to your attention, and that is the Soldier Fuel brand of meal replacement food bars.

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Are they any good?

Let's start with the most important part in my mind. Do they taste good and will you actually want to eat one?

Heck yeah!

They have a really nice consistency. Not too chewy, no over powering flavors (I like chocolate, unless its over the top, this isn't) and most importantly crunchy!

There is just the right amount of crunchy, which to my pallet is the decisive factor. I should frame that in the context that nachos are probably my most favorite food of all time, so take that into account.

We have only tried the chocolate flavor.

What do they do?

The Solider Fuel bars are designed for soldiers. Shocking right?

What do they need? They need to be able to have energy on the go, and can't afford to have sugar crashes.

I'll let them explain it:

Soldier Fuel™ provides a burst of fruit-based simple carbs to give an initial energy boost, and then supplies a protein-modulated stream of longer-burning complex carbs for Steady Energy®.  Throw in 17 vitamins and minerals, electrolytes, and the optimal 4:1 carb-to-protein ratio for performance, and you've got everything you need to soldier on.

So considering our concerns, staying energized during stressful events, lets say during an evacuation scenario, these bars fit right into our needs.

They aren't meant to replace real food over the long term, just keep you going when you need to keep going.

I've eaten a whole bunch of them so far, and what i have found is that it keeps my hunger at bay for about 3 hours, so I can skip a lunch or breakfast with one of these and be good to go.

Whats in them?

These are essentially made from corn syrup, soy protein, ground peanuts, rice and peanut four. Throw in some dates and raisins and honey and an alphabet of who the hell knows what.

Does that mean they are good for you? Well, they aren't bad for you if you don't eat them all the time. I think one or two a week is OK, but that's coming from someone who really tries to eat unprocessed foods as much as possible.

There's quite a bit of sugar in here, which is the point. Coupled with the high levels of protein you're getting the boost you need when you are exerting yourself. Don't eat these and sit on the couch or before going to bed, that's not the idea.

Soldier Fuel Nutrition Facts


So as of this writing i have personally eaten over 30 of these bars, and they hold up. Kinda like a snack, kinda like a meal, they taste great and are really satisfying and give you a boost for a few hours, enough to get over the hump before your next meal when being physically active.

Try some! I think you'll agree.

Where to Get Them

Soldier Fuel Energy Bars - Pack of 15

Soldier Fuel Energy Bars - Pack of 15

Typical Price: $25

 Soldier Fuel bars have been formulated with the STEADYENERGY blend, an ideal balance of simple carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates, protein, and fat to provide both short-burst and long-burn energy – no spike, no crash.

This makes it perfect for use as meal replacement or as fuel before physical activity.

Warrior-athletes, cyclists, triathletes, office workers, and moms have been using Soldier Fuel for over 10 years now as fuel before an event, a meal-on-the-go, or just to get an extra burst of energy for the late afternoon push.


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