Getting Prepared...


By Andrea Booher (This image is from the FEMA Photo Library.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

There are a million unfortunate scenarios that can force you to evacuate your home. Each has their own particular concerns and type of gear you would need to have handle them properly.

We've created a few guides to talk about some of the potential situations you could face, although no single article could ever possibly outline all the possibilities.

You need to do your own homework on your situation and plan accordingly, we'll help you along!

Emergency Preparedness:

Power Outages

Don't suffer needlessly when the power goes out. There are simple steps you can take and products you can use to power your life when the grid goes down.

Winter Storms

Storms in the winter can be deadly. Frigid temperatures combined with wind, snow, and ice can create massive issues and be deadly. Don't get caught unprepared, learn about the steps you can take beforehand to protect yourself and your family from exposure.

Home Fires

Fires can be absolutely terrifying and deadly. You may only have minutes to make life or death decisions. Make a plan ahead of time and prepare yourself and your home should you face such a threat.


When floods hit an area there is nowhere to hide. The water will be everywhere and it can be disastrous. Learn what you can do to mitigate or avoid the risks all together in this article.


When earthquakes strike, they come from nowhere. You won't have time to prepare, only to react. Get ready today so you know what you will need to do should one hit.


Whether its COVID-19 or Ebola, diseases and pandemics can appear almost out of nowhere and can hit huge populations without warning.


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