Choosing an Emergency Bag

BOBB 5-Part System Choosing an Emergency Bag

Choosing an Emergency Bag

When prepping for emergencies, and possible evacuation scenarios, many different variables must be considered. Different situations have different needs. For example, you may not always be at home when one arises.

For that reason we have developed the modular BOBB Five-Part Emergency System which helps you to keep the gear where you will need it most, and when you put it all together gives you the full kit.

Deciding what goes into your emergency kit(s) can be a little overwhelming at first.

Stay Positive!

We've been working on our kits for years, and we still continue to - it's an ongoing process that evolves as you become more familiar with it, and think about more and more and learn what works and what doesn't.

Here's one way to start: assemble the items you want put into your kits FIRST, then you should have an idea of what kind and size of bag you need for that particular kit.

Sometimes easier to start with the pack, and then items to it. This helps you see if the pack weights are manageable to carry, if you have enough space for everything, etc.

The BOBB Five-Part Emergency Kit System

To help you conceptualize the process, we've created the BOBB Five-Part Emergency Kit System.

It consists of different types of emergency bags, that handle different scenarios and would be stored in different places.

For example, a WUSH bag would stay next to your bedside, while your Get Home Bag will stay in your car or at work.

We layed out an overview of the system below, and you can dive into the specifics on the type of kit that interests you as you see fit.

The goal of this system is to create a comprehensive solution that has you and your family prepared for nearly any contingency as much as is possible.

Keep in mind that we have the Custom Bag Builder Tool, a useful web app that lets you assemble kits from items which we've vetted and tested. It saves you time by not having to search around the internet for the right stuff, we've narrowed it down for you. 

In the tool, once you've built the kit you want you can hit a link that sends all the products over to Amazon and you can purchase them there in one shot.

Wake Up Stuffs Happening (WUSH) Bag image

Wake Up Stuffs Happening (WUSH)

A Bug Out Bag Builder original concept, a WUSH bag is a small kit which you keep by your bedside where you sleep at night. It can be grabbed at a moments notice if you need to rush out of the house, as you would during a home fire.

It holds your wallet, phone, a spare set of keys along with a digital backup of all your important documents and photos. Cash, medications, reading glasses and a flashlight round out the kit.

Rear our Wake Up Stuffs Happening Tutorial.

Everyday Carry (EDC) Bag

Everyday Carry (EDC)

Small items to cover basic needs for a 12 hour period goes in an Everyday Carry Bag.

If you don't have a vehicle you drive daily, consider carrying it with you inside a backpack or purse. 

Included here is lighting, cutting, fire, water carrying and purification, money, an extra phone charge, and small first-aid items which all fit into a small pouch which can be attached to a belt.

Read our Everyday Carry Tutorial.

Get Home Bag (GHB) Image

Get Home Bag (GHB)

A Get Home Bag carries some of the larger items that wouldn't fit in an EDC but which are still really important to have close by.

It should cover you for 24 hours with water, food, pandemic and weather protection, lighting, a larger cutting tool, basic sleeping and shelter needs, and a change of clothes.

This would be a small sized backpack or sling bag.

Read our Get Home Bag Tutorial.

Bug Out Bag (BOB) Image

Bug Out Bag (BOB)

The heart of your emergency kit. A Bug Out Bag is typically stored at home for each family member.

This is a 72-hour evacuation preparedness kit, for use when you are forced to leave your home quickly and you don't know when you might return.

This bag will be pre-assembled and ready to go BEFORE an emergency.

Food, cooking utensils, blankets, shelter, clothing, lighting, tools, radios, entertainment and distraction items belong here.

Read our Bug Out Bag Tutorial and 80 Bug Out Bag List Essentials.

I'm Never Coming Home (INCH) Bag

I'm Never Coming Home (INCH)

An I'm Never Coming Home Bag covers you if you cannot return to your house, or are unable to find acceptable long-term shelter. This could mean weeks or longer.

They come with you in a vehicle and may get left behind if the vehicle has to be abandoned (hopefully not!) You may wish to have a folding wagon available for that scenario.

Keep these packed and ready to be quickly thrown in the back of the car.

Read our INCH Bag Tutorial.

Lets Begin! Build your Everyday Carry

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