Everyday Carry

Everyday Carry EDC Bag

Everyday Carry

Duration: 12 - 24 Hours


Away From Home Emergencies: Electrical Storm, Tornado, Power Outage, Minor Injury, Biological, Radiological, Chemical, or Terrorist Incident

Must Have Gear:

Flashlights, Cash, Multitool, Knife, Face Mask, Rubber Gloves, Ear-Plugs, Medications, Water Bag, Water Purification Tabs, Signal Mirror and Whistle, USB Drive w/ Important Data

Emergencies don't always hit when we are sitting at home just after dinner with the nightly news on. You should be prepared to face extreme difficulties away from home - and have these items along to help you get back to it.

What would you do if you are in the city when a bomb goes off downtown - stopping all the trains and vehicle traffic in and out? A nuclear facility nearby has a complete meltdown, and radiation leaks into the surrounding area? A train carrying toxic chemicals derails and burns next to your office? Your vehicle breaks down at night and you are miles from the nearest town and your cell phone has no signal?

For all these and countless other reasons you need a small kit which can assist you for 12 hours. We designed this Everyday Carry for those who commute back and forth to work by train or bus and who carry a backpack, purse, or briefcase.

If you drive a vehicle and are never far away from it, you can incorporate these items into a Get Home Bag discussed in the next article.

Maxpedition E.D.C. Pocket Organizer

Maxpedition E.D.C. Pocket Organizer

Typical Price: $22
Specs: This little guy is only 7" x 5" but can hold a TON of stuff. It's a mini-BOB! Lots of built-in straps to compartmentalize. You can stuff it with the gear below and have it near your person at all times.

Covers you for lighting, water collection and purification, environmental problems, medication, all your important documents and so much more.

If you want something a little bit bigger, take a look at the Maxpedition Fatty or Beefy Organizers too. 


What goes in a EDC Bag:

If you are getting everything from scratch, the basic kit outlined below will run you about $220 with the items listed below. If you would like to use this list as a basic guide, you can customize it with our Bag Builder Tool. 

If you just want to dump this list of product into Amazon and sort it our there, then use this link and it will put in into your cart.

If you buy anything with the links we provide on this page we might get a small percentage of the sale from Amazons end. For more info click here.

Everyday Carry Items



Bug Out Bag Builder Everyday Carry EDC

Bug Out Bag Builder Everyday Carry EDC

Bug Out Bag Builder Everyday Carry EDC

Bug Out Bag Builder Everyday Carry EDC

Upgrades / Additions:


Next Step: Build A Get Home Bag

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