Gerber Dime Multitool

Gerber Dime Multitool

Gerber Dime Multitool

Tools are important! Especially in an emergency kit like a Bug Out Bag. But tools can be heavy and bulky, which not ideal for carrying them on your person.

That's why we like having a mix of small multi-tools in our Bug Out Bags. One of our favorites is the Gerber Dime.

Small multi-tools can be a little flimsy, but Gerber made the Dime out of stainless steel, so it can handle most of the tasks you would use it for just fine. Quality is important, even in a small survival tool.

What we like about it the most is the small size, since it lives in our Everyday Carry. It's only 2.2 oz and 2.75 inches long. One thing to note if you like carrying tools like this around, the Dime isn't airport friendly like the Leatherman Style PS since it has a small blade on it.

Gerber Dime Multitool size comparison

The Gerber Dime has 12 tools:

  • Spring loaded needle nose pliers
  • Standard pliers
  • Wire cutter
  • Tweezer
  • Bottle opener
  • Fine edge blade
  • Retail package opener
  • Scissors
  • Medium flat head driver
  • Coarse & fine file
  • Cross driver
  • Lanyard ring

Thankfully they are also cheap, so it should be in reach for most people to get a couple of them for each type of emergency kit, be it a Bug Out Bag or Everyday Carry.

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