Custom Disaster Survival Prep Kits


Custom Disaster Survival Prep Kits

You do not have to be a “prepper” to want to be ready for emergencies. Any responsible person would want to have the proper equipment available to handle any number of situations, such as a house fire, pandemic, flood, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, winter storm, or power outage.

If you've realized that you and your family are not properly prepared for an emergency, the team at Bug Out Bag Builder can help with our custom disaster survival kit Bag Builder Tool!

Medicine and Food

Whether you are at home or outdoors, you need to be prepared with the proper medications and food. At Bug Out Bag Builder, we do reviews on emergency antibiotic kits, survival medicine handbooks, tourniquets, and first aid kits.

You also need to think about how you will get clean water if you are stranded outdoors or lose the water supply at your home. At Bug Out Bag Builder, we recommend water filters that you can use for large quantities or attach to a water bottle. We also suggest which food kits with long-term food storage you should get. We also cover equipment like camping stoves, propane refrigerators, and cookware.

Shelter and Survival

If you spend time outdoors hiking or camping, you need to be prepared for emergency situations. For example, we discuss shelter options that you can put in your backpack, such as a tent, tarp, or hammock. We also go over the equipment to help you start a fire, even with wet tinder.

You also need to consider having a light source. In the case of a power outage or being outdoors at night, you need a flashlight, headlamp, or lantern. You may also need a solar generator or phone charger. Other tools you may need for survival include knives, shovels, radios, whistles, and multi-tools.

Bug Out Bag Builder can help you with all of these things so that you can customize your disaster survival bag just the way you want to.

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How to Get Started

Choose a bag type from the list below

We've filled each type of bag with a selection of quality products that will provide a good foundation for you to build on and customize. Feel free to add or remove products. You can also start from scratch by selecting 'Build Your Own Bag' below. Visit our FAQ section for more detailed directions.

12 hour

Every Day Carry Bag Builder

Our Pre-Filled 12-Hour Bag.

Build an EDC bag

Get Home Bag Builder

Our Pre-filled 24-Hour Bag.

Build a GHB bag

Bug Out Bag Bag Builder

Our Pre-filled 72-Hour Emergency Kit.

Build a BOB bag
72+ HOUR

I'm Never Coming Home Bag Builder

Our Pre-filled Longer than 72-Hour Bag.

Build an INCH bag

Custom Bag Builder

Start from scratch and build a custom bag.

Build Your Own Bag
Over Board

Overboard Bag Builder

Our Pre-filled Boating Survival Bag.

Overboard bag