Custom Disaster Survival Prep Kits

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Custom Disaster Survival Prep Kits


How to Get Started

Choose a bag type from the list below

We've filled each type of bag with a selection of quality products that will provide a good foundation for you to build on and customize. Feel free to add or remove products. You can also start from scratch by selecting 'Build Your Own Bag' below. Visit our FAQ section for more detailed directions.

12 hour

Every Day Carry Bag Builder

Our Pre-Filled 12-Hour Bag.

Build an EDC bag

Get Home Bag Builder

Our Pre-filled 24-Hour Bag.

Build a GHB bag

Bug Out Bag Bag Builder

Our Pre-filled 72-Hour Emergency Kit.

Build a BOB bag
72+ HOUR

I'm Never Coming Home Bag Builder

Our Pre-filled Longer than 72-Hour Bag.

Build an INCH bag

Custom Bag Builder

Start from scratch and build a custom bag.

Build Your Own Bag
Over Board

Overboard Bag Builder

Our Pre-filled Boating Survival Bag.

Overboard bag