Use the BOBB Custom Bag Builder

Use the BOBB Custom Bag Builder

This quick video will show you how to use our Custom Bag Builder Tool to make your emergency kit your way.

BTW If you buy anything via the links in the Custom Bag Builder tool, we might get a percentage of the sales from Amazon. For more info click here.

Emergency Bag Builder Directions

Step 1:

Choose the style of bag you are interested in building.

Start from one of our pre-filled bag styles or if you want to start from scratch then choose Custom Bag Builder

In this example we will choose the Bug Out Bag Builder.

Step 2:

Examine the products in the list. This is what our suggestions are for a bag of that type.

You can accept our suggestions and purchase them all from Amazon with a single click. 


If you want to make adjustments you can remove items or change quantities. 

Step 3:

If you want to choose different items to add, click on the CUSTOMIZE button.

If you want to change the type of bag you are researching, click the PACK STYLE button on the top left of the window, underneath the BOBB logo.  

Step 5:

The persistent bar along the bottom keeps tally of all the items and the rough cost of the items in it.

A note about the prices: we don't get live/current pricing from Amazon, so you may see a difference between the total on our site and on Amazon. We strive to make it as close as possible. 


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