Survival Self-Defense Weapons For Prepper's

A Prepper's Guide to Survival: Key Self Defense Weapons to Have On Hand

Survival Self-Defense Weapons For Prepper's

Preppers are people who prepare for survival during extended emergencies or catastrophic events. They prep for virtually any incident that cuts them off from civilization for days, weeks, or even months.

While food, water, and other necessities are critical, it’s also an important prepping mindset to plan for self-defense. Whether society collapses or not, defending yourself is also vital to survival.

In this article we’re going to discuss self-defense weapons, as well as other solutions to ensure your physical safety out in the world.

Get in the Self-Defense Mindset

Weapons are great tools for protection, but it’s also crucial to develop a combative mindset. Much like any skill, developing a self-defense mindset must be learned with practice and a general understanding that violence can happen to you or your family anytime, anywhere.

First you should realize that no neighborhood is immune to crime, and the police won’t typically be available during an attack. So you will be your own first responder.

Secondly you must ask yourself if you can harm someone else or take somebody’s life. (Some people's belief systems wouldn't allow this, and that’s okay) general self-defense awareness can help you as well as some avoidance and soft techniques.

If you decide to carry a weapon, then when you are putting it on your person each morning you need to affirm to yourself that "today could be the day I need to use this, and I am prepared to do so if necessary."

If you haven't decided beforehand that you will use a weapon, you won't be able to make that decision in the heat of an attack. You'll freeze and become a victim.

Alternative Self Defense Techniques

Before we get into weapons to use in self-defense, we’ll discuss some other tactics that will help you protect yourself. 

Don’t Wear Your Hair in a Ponytail

A ponytail gives an attacker something to grab onto. Think about wearing a hat, so it would fall off if they grasped it and you could run for safety. 

Understand the Concept of Situational Awareness

Always be alert to your surroundings. Some people walk through parking lots or streets with no awareness of what’s going on around them.

Is there a large van parked on the driver’s side of your car? Who’s lurking around the parking lot?

Assailants look for easy targets and prey on people idling in their vehicles with the doors unlocked. If you're checking your phone before you drive off or looking around your car, this is unsafe.

Once you get in your vehicle, lock your doors immediately, put your seat belt on, and leave. You can check your text messages somewhere else where it’s safer.  

Self-Defense Weapons

Now that we’ve discussed some passive ways to avoid being a victim, let’s look at some common self-defense weapons used for self-protection.

Stun Gun and Taser

Stun guns and tasers are legal in most states. Check your state and local ordinances if you’re unsure of the laws where you live.

The Taser’s shock capacity isn’t enough to require a permit in most places but do your homework first. 

Stun guns require direct contact and are often used in close quarters, while the taser uses a projectile to make contact with a suspect.

Male hand holding a powered tazer

Civilian tasers were designed for you to pull the trigger and then drop the device and get to safety. The cycle lasts longer than those used by law enforcement, to give you the time needed to run.

For law enforcement, the cycle is five seconds, and the civilian Taser’s cycle is thirty seconds.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is an excellent self-defense choice for travelers. It’s easy to use and conceal, as well as being lightweight.

Check out our complete pepper spray guide.

Pepper spray comes in a variety of types, but the best is OC pepper spray because it inflames your assailant’s mucous membranes and burns their eyes and face.

Pepper spray also comes in a variety of delivery systems, such as spray, foam, stream, or mist.

Sprays and mists are the best for civilians because anyone who attacks you will inhale it. 

There are a few drawbacks to sprays and mists. One is that sprays and mists have a short range.

Woman pepper spraying a purse thief in a mask

Also, because sprays and mists are inhaled, you can be affected by your own weapon.

It’s one of the primary reasons that police departments spray officers during OC training so they learn to fight after inhaling the spray.


Soke Takayuki Kubotan invented this effective impact tool during the late 1960s.

Kubotan crafted it from a 5.5-inch piece of durable material approximately 0.5 inches thick with six segments. He based it on the hashi stick, a small weapon made from bamboo.

A key ring on one end makes it easy to carry for modern day users.

Two examples of Kubotan

The Chief of LAPD in the late 1960s, Edward M. Davis, commissioned the creation of this handy weapon so that women police officers had a useful tool that aided in subduing suspects. Much like the expandable baton, officers used the weapon for pressure-point strikes and joint locks on uncooperative suspects.

The Kubotan quickly gained the nickname “attitude adjustment instrument.” 

There are many variations of this reliable security tool on the market that include tapered ends, pepper spray, and spikes.

While it’s an excellent impact tool, it’s another one that requires you to get close to your attacker so you should also learn about self-defense moves using the Kubotan and practice them.

As with other weapons, check your state and local ordinances to make sure they are legal to carry in your area.

These are just a few ideas of self-defense strategies and tools that you can use to protect yourself.

If you choose to carry a weapon, make sure that you know how to use it! Practice, practice, practice!

Remember that a suspect will attempt to take it away from you, and if it gets in their hands, they can do some serious damage to you.

If you’re ready to choose one, Home Security Superstore is the perfect place to find the best defense tool for your needs.

Author Bio: Dave Artman is the founder and CEO of The Home Security Superstore. Every month he uses his expertise to produce content focused around the six important areas of personal well being; security, self-defense, surveillance, spy, safety and survival.

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