Why You Should Be Stockpiling Coffee

Coffee in a cup on a saucer

Why You Should Be Stockpiling Coffee

I take my long-term coffee storage very seriously. If you depend on and take your daily cup of Joe for granted, you should consider making it a higher priority in your prep too.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of considering coffee to be some sort of an unnecessary luxury, an indulgence of our comfortable modern society. When most of us think of the bare necessities that we would need to survive in a bug out scenario, something like coffee is rarely on that list.

But I would argue that we should reconsider this viewpoint When it comes to handling the adversity of a survival situation, I think that the humble coffee bean could be a key ally. It can be critical in helping us maintain our morale and energy levels.

If and when SHTF, it will also be an increasingly scarce and therefore valuable commodity which can be bartered for any other resource that we’ll need in the most desperate of times.

Caffeine has gotten a negative reputation in the past, which I believe is largely unfair. Yes, there is always the possibility of abuse, but when used sensibly it actually provides many benefits to our body and mind. It’s so much more than just a vice or a crutch. If you think you need coffee just to make it through your average workday now, imagine how much more you will need that same energy when you’re in a life and death struggle. You’ll need every single edge that you can get, and coffee will be a powerful tool to help counteract extreme fatigue and other hardships.

For me, the greatest benefit is really that boost to morale. It’s a simple comfort that could have such a profound impact when times are difficult. It’s something that we all take for granted now, but would greatly miss if it was taken away from us.

Did you know that coffee does not grow in the continental United States? That unfortunately means that if there was a major world conflict, economic collapse, or any other number of catastrophes, our supply could be shut off in an instant. Massive shortages have occurred throughout the country before, and although currently coffee is abundant and easily accessible in our modern life… that could change in an instant.

The supply will be limited to what us diligent preppers have stored, and it will be very difficult if not impossible to grow any more. Of course the demand will stay the same, as it will be a resource that many still depend on. The bartering value of this commodity will be immense, and it may even be more valuable than gold in many cases. Freeze dried instant coffee is relatively easy to store, if you begin now, and could easily be exchanged for ammunition, medical supplies, and many other resources that you and your family could possibly need.

So if you haven’t done so already… I would seriously recommend you to take a look at your long term coffee storage, and consider making it a higher priority.

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