Casio Gravitymaster

Casio Gravitymaster

Casio Gravitymaster

At the 2015 CES show in Las Vegas, Casio announced its created the worlds first GPS Hybrid and Terrestrial Wave receiving solar powered watch: the G-Shock GPW-1000. I got some hands-on time with it at the show, and it's an impressive piece of technology. Move over Sandra Bullock, there's a new gravity master in town....

Meant to withstand any condition and work anywhere in the world, the Gravitymaster has built-in GPS satellite and Terrestrial radio wave antennas for time-calibration signal reception which allows for ultra-accurate results. It also determines the devices Daylight Savings Time adjustments, if necessary. So with a push of a button your watch is set correctly, anywhere you are. That's pretty cool, eh?

G-Shock GPW-1000-1A Gravity Master Hybrid GPS Stylish Watch

G-Shock GravityMaster Hybrid GPS Watch

Typical Price: $699

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Even cooler is the solar panel hidden in the face of the watch which powers the thing...what? It also is waterproof to 200 meters, has the legendary G-Shock toughness, and an LED dial light. The only thing missing can opener?

Speaking of G-Shock, the Casio Gravitymaster also comes equipped with sticker-shock, as this bad-boy is listed at $950 retail. Maybe you should just build your own satellite network instead? But then I suppose if the satellites fall out of the sky and the radio towers stop working this thing becomes a mere mortal watch again, but in that case, whose really keeping time anymore anyway? This watch is way to big for the cockroaches who will one day rule the earth. Unless we're talking about the Florida roaches, in which case all bets are off. 


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