Ultimate Survival Technologies Wetfire Tinder

Ultimate Survival Technologies Wetfire Tinder

Ultimate Survival Technologies Wetfire Tinder

There are about a billion different ways to make fire, some easier than others.

The easiest way of course is to use a lighter, or matches, however there are environmental conditions which could render both of those methods useless.

All it takes is a little rain or wind to ruin your campfire plans.

Sure, you can learn to rub two sticks together...but it isn't as easy to do as you might think.

It's not cheating to have a little extra help, especially when you desperately need the warmth or comfort of a fire.

That's where WetFire Tinder comes in.

For about a dollar apiece you get a really robust way to have a reliable flame that can get you started despite the weather.

Ultimate Survival Technologies Wetfire Tinder Lighting

To start a fire, scrape a small amount over dry tinder and use a spark striker, matches, or lighter to get it lit.

You can use the whole cube if you need to but it typically isn't necessary.

WetFire tinder burns with almost no smoke for up to 5 minutes and can be extinguished easily.

They float on water, and actually burn longer when wet or moist.

Ultimate Survival Technologies Wetfire Tinder Pieces in Water

This is helpful for starting fires on ice, snow, or in other adverse weather conditions.

It's non-toxic by the way and leaves none of the residue of petroleum-based products.

Although perhaps not the most exciting thing in your emergency kits, but in some senses it could be the most important.

With a fire you could purify water, stay warm, cook food, keep pests away, etc etc.

We consider this a must-have item for your bug out bag or survival kits.

You can pick up a pack of 8 for about $8 on Amazon or a bunch of other places online.

UST WetFire Tinder

Typical Price: $10

Lightweight, safe and easy-to-carry, UST’s WetFire Tinder is guaranteed to light in windy or wet conditions. Requiring just a small amount of tinder to build a fire, you can shave off a small piece or use the entire cube depending on the level of wind or moisture.

WetFire tinder burns up to 5mins and can be extinguished instantly. Offering a 5-year shelf life, the cubed tinders are individually packed to maintain freshness. They’re great for use in combination with any UST sparking device.


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