BOBB Fire Starting Kit

BOBB Fire Starting Kit

BOBB Fire Starting Kit

If you are looking to put together a way to make fires for an emergency kit or survival bag, look no further.

We've curated what we think is the perfect solution. It gives you plenty of backups should one fail or be unusable because of weather conditions.

You should always have a several backup ways to make a fire. Windy, wet, cold conditions all require different approaches, techniques, and gear.

In addition to having a Bic Lighter or two in your gear, you should also have these items from our BOBB Fire Starting Kit.

You can get this entire BOBB Fire Starting Kit directly from Amazon by clicking on this link. Total cost at time of writing is $54.75.

Dual Arc Waterproof Plasma Lighter

Typical Price: $16

Waterproof and windproof, Plasma lighters are an improvement over the traditional flint and gas. Whatever gets in between that arcing electrical current is going to light up in nearly any condition. These recharge with a micro-usb cable just like most cell phones do, so can be charged with a small solar panel, and when full gives you about 300 light ups.


UCO Stormproof Matches

UCO Stormproof Match Kit

Typical Price: $15
These matches work when wet, in-fact, they even burn underwater. Nice! Wind resistant as well. These will give you about 15 seconds to get your tinder going, should be plenty of time if you set it up correctly.


UCO Survival Fire Striker with Multitool

Typical Price: $10

Traditionally used by Boy Scouts and Bushcrafters, A Ferrocerium rod can throw 5,400-degree Fahrenheit sparks in any weather, and at all altitudes. This UCO rod is good for over 3,000 strikes. The included micro-multitool has 9 functions: ferro rod striker, bottle opener, box cutter, scraper, 6. 5mm bit driver, and 4 hex wrenches. At 1 oz it's a small insurance policy.


UST WetFire Fire Starter Tinders

Typical Price: $15 for 24 or $0.66 each

Sometimes it's difficult to find tinder that can be lit with a lighter. Paper is usually around but what if it's not, or if it's wet? These WetFire tinders can be lit very easily under nearly any atmospheric condition and will burn up to 5 minutes. See our full WetFire review here. We have a few of these in all of our packs. Worth their weight in gold.


Collapsible Pocket Bellows

Typical Price: $7 for 2

These are a must have item for anyone who is making a campfire. These little metal tubes slide out to make a 19" skinny straw, which you can use to direct your breath into the hot parts of the fire. Like a blacksmiths forge, blowing on the coals or newly lit fuel will increase its temperature and burn rate, giving you fire a turbo boost. You have to try one of these, they are fantastic.


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