Should You Carry a Night Vision Scope?

Should You Carry a Night Vision Scope?

Should You Carry a Night Vision Scope?

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Preppers always keep their bug out bag ready with essentials to survive in adverse situations. You must have the right stuff so that it can help you in emergencies. This must-have bug out bag list includes the most essential ones.

Among all essentials, a wonderful go-bag item that you shouldn’t leave in any survival situations is a night vision scope.  Today, we will shed some light on the importance of affordable night vision scope for preppers and survivalists with its basics in short.

Let’s get started.

Introduction to Night Vision Scopes

A Night vision scope (NVS) is an optical device that helps to see objects at night. Nowadays these devices work in both day and nighttime environments. Although night vision scopes are typically designed for hunting and shooting, they can be used for survival, identification, and night-time navigation.

In the past, night vision devices were limited for law enforcement and military uses, but they are now available for civilians as well.

These devices work via several optical principles. An Objective Lens collects light from the objects we see through the eyepiece. In an image intensifier tube, a different transformation takes place and we get high-resolution images. These battery-powered devices can often work continuously for 8 hours or more.

You can easily adjust magnification through a knob and get an enlarged view. The more magnification you set the larger view you will get as a result.

Objective lens diameter is another important consideration. If you want to get a bright and high-resolution image, you should go for a larger objective lens.

Traditional night vision scopes are very expensive products but the newly developed digital night vision scopes are more affordable than before. The affordable ones can do nearly the same tasks as the pricier ones. They are also lightweight and assist in survival situations.

We recommend these handy night vision scopes for all-purpose uses.

Track Distant Objects

Night vision scopes make it possible to see far-off objects at night in ways that we couldn’t imagine before the invention of this technology. You can also observe objects through NV scopes whether there is fog, snow, or smoke.

This modern devices assist you in seeing objects at night up to 100 meters or more. The day vision scopes can do even more than that. This could help you to handle any adverse situations where remote and discreet observation is essential.

Survival Situations

In the wilderness, you should keep on your eyes on the surroundings as potentially dangerous wild beasts are roaming nearby. Night vision scopes might allow you to take necessary action before an animal encounter. But it’s not so easy to observe at night what is happening around you.

Luckily, night vision scopes make this task easier. Using this device, you can scan your surroundings continuously and get informed if there is anything dangerous. 

Makes Hunting Easier

If you want to go out for survival hunting, then NVS also assists to get the job done. Night vision scopes will help locate the actual locations of the game without getting too close. Sometimes you can’t shoot the prey because of the long brushes or other obstacles.

Your target may be located a hundred yards away but by opting for the higher magnification, you can get a closer look at them. For example, if your target hunt is 100 yards away and you set the 10x magnification in your device, you see 10 times larger objects than naked eyes.


Nowadays, most of the night vision scopes come with GPS, compass, Wi-Fi, and other helpful features that are very much useful in extreme survival situations. If you get stuck on an island or any other else this device might play as life-saving stuff to find the right way. Using the GPS, you can easily meet your group or get back to your desired location quickly. Even you can use the lenses as a mirror to send signals to others.

Final Thoughts

A night vision scope is a handy device for preppers and survivalists. The newer affordable night vision scopes are cheaper in terms of price, but not in quality and can help you observe your surroundings in potentially life-saving ways.

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