Black Diamond Voyager Lantern

Black Diamond Voyager Lantern

Black Diamond Voyager Lantern

We had been in the market for a while trying to find a small portable lantern which would provide us with a good hands-free ambient lighting for around our campsites. We had been using Petzl Tikka headlamps and a Coleman lantern as our light sources, but we we're missing a good middle sized lantern. On a trip to REI a sales associate told me about the Black Diamond Voyager Lantern. It wasn't expensive so I picked one up for us to test out.

The Black Diamond has two separate light sources: an ambient lantern, and a spot lantern on the bottom of the unit. Each puts out 75 lumens. They can be used alone or simultaneously so you can avoid the black spot below a typical lamp, and you can also use it like a flashlight. We also wanted an dimmable LED lantern for the efficiency and longevity. The average run time in hours: (Lantern) high: 13/low: 100 / (flashlight) high: 65/low: 100 hours is pretty darn good for us, as we mostly use the dimmed light. It remembers you last brightness setting too so you don't have to keep adjusting it.

Black Diamond Voyager 2

A neat design touch is the collapsible top part of the unit, which makes the pack size of the unit only about 4.5" (105mm) tall and its 6.25" (159mm). It's also made of plastic, so its lightweight at 6.8 oz.The Black Diamond Voyager uses 4 AA batteries, so we stuffed it with Panasonic eneloops so we could recharge them in the field with our Goal Zero Guide 10 and Nomad 20W panel for those times we are out longer than a week.

Black Diamond Voyager 3

There is a nice push button on the side to turn the lamp on and off and dim. There are two separately articulating stainless steel hooks along the top which are designed for tent hooks, tarp grommets, or tree branches.One things about LEDs for us, we don't usually love the cooler color temps LEDs usually throw off. If there was a 2700k lamp we would grab it. That said the light on these isn't so cool as to be blueish or harsh. For those more romantic moments we would use our UCO Candle Lamps anyway.

Black Diamond Voyager 4

We've been using the Black Diamond Voyager Lantern for about a year now and we have to say, we are still impressed. So much so that we bought a second one for full time duty in our van. With a full charge we pulled a 9 day trip with it and still had plenty of power left over when we came home. This is a definite contender for your Bug Out Bags, using during a blackout, or for camping. You can grab them on Amazon if you want to try it out. We think you will like them as much as we do.

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Black Diamond Voyager Lantern

Black Diamond Voyager Lantern

Typical Price: $40

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