Spyderco Ambitious G-10 Knife

Spyderco Ambitious G-10 Knife

Spyderco Ambitious G-10 Knife

A good pocket knife is one of the top items to have in an emergency kit. It's uses are countless. There are many micro-tools which include blades. But since a knife is so important it's a smart idea to have one that's very good and reliable.

That's why were going to talk about the Spyderco Ambitious G-10 Knife.

The Ambitious G-10 Knife

At a closed length of 3.6" (91mm) and open length of 5.8" (147mm) the Spyderco Ambitious may not fit your idea of a micro-tool, but we include it here because we think it's the smallest sized knife you could consider as a "real" knife, meaning that it's durable enough to rely on in an emergency situation and in day to day use.

The blade is made from high-strength steel and all the fasteners and fittings are substantial as well.

Spyderco Ambitious G-10 PlainEdge Knife Open

The circle cutout on the blade is a good spot to put your thumb to open the blade up. Once its open there's a notched spot on the back of the blade for leverage.

I know it probably doesn't look like if from these photos but we've used this knife quite a bit for the last year and it still looks brand new.

The handle of the blade has a nice feel to it, it's grippy but not rough. It might get a little slippery while wet though.

Spyderco Ambitious G-10 PlainEdge Knife Open

The belt clip can be moved to either side of the handle for left or right hand use. It doesn't get in the way of your hand when holding the Spyderco Ambitious G-10 Knife.

It sits in your pocket pretty well, its a little wider than some other pocket carry knives but not in an unusable way.

Spyderco Ambitious G-10 PlainEdge Knife Open

It's a small knife, but substantial. I can hold the blade with all but my pinky finger on the grip which is ok because most of the action on the knife is directed with the thumb.

If you are looking for a small full-tang knife, then take a look at the ESEE Izula. It costs twice as much but is an amazing little knife.

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Spyderco Ambitious G-10 PlainEdge Knife

Typical Price: $44

The Ambitious knife is a low-cost folder from Spyderco knives. It has all the features you see in premium Spyderco knives, like a Walker LinerLock, skeletonized full-length liners, phosphor bronze washers and a great fit and feel.

The Spyderco Ambitious knife is a small pocket-sized folder you'll want to carry and use everyday.

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