Survival Hax Tactical LED Pen

Survival Hax Tactical LED pen

Survival Hax Tactical LED Pen

Looking to put Batman to shame with a sweet multi-use tool worthy of his utility belt? Look no further than the Survival Hax Tactical LED pen. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword in this case...

Survival Hax Tactical LED Pen Closeup

Having multi-use items in your Every Day Carry or your Bug Out Bag is a smart idea for a couple of reasons. You can reduce weight and have multiple backups for key item types. We are a big fan of micro-tools for our EDC's and GHB's especially. For your BOB's we typically go for the best of what we can carry.

Lets dive into this tactical pen from Survival Hax. Without taking the pen apart you can access the LED and the tungsten tipped glass breaker. The LED is surprisingly bright and will get you from point A to B safely indoors. It uses (3) LR927 type batteries which are little button cells, and are included. It turns on/off with a twisting action. You just have to be careful that you find that sweet spot of off/on.

Survival Hax Tactical LED Pen Light

At the other end is the glass breaker. I haven't tested it out, and hopefully wont ever need to. I'm hoping it would do the job if required, and it seems solid enough to do so. The pen itself feels solid and has a good weight and balance to it. It's made from aviation grade aluminum so it should be good and durable.

Survival Hax Tactical LED Pen Glass Breaker

If you unscrew the end cap you can access the pen, yes there is an actual pen in there. I think it is refillable because it can open further and you can get to the ink tube. It writes as you would expect it to. It's heavy for a pen but not too bad.

Survival Hax Tactical LED Pen

If you unscrew the middle of the pen you can get to the knife thats tucked away in there. Its about 2 inches long, and it comes sharpened. One side is serrated should you need that. The blade is made from 3CR13 steel which is decent Chinese steel.

Survival Hax Tactical LED Pen Knife

Does it belong in your emergency kit? Sure. It's cheap enough and useful enough to consider. It gives you a backup knife and light in your pen.

Grab one directly from Survival Hax here.

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