Fenix Level 2 Lighting Emergency Kit

Fenix Level 2 Lighting Emergency Kit

Fenix Level 2 Lighting Emergency Kit

OK I'll admit it, I've been a Fenix Lighting fanboy for years. I've purchased and reviewed a bunch of their products before, and they make both my favorite lantern and headlamp.

So when they offered me a chance to take a sneak-peek at the latest iteration of their Level 2 Lighting Emergency kit, I couldn't pass it up.

It's awesome.

Yes, they sent it for free. Yes I already am a fan. This makes me more of a fan.

Take that for what it is, coming from a guy who has about 50 flashlights already from nearly every manufacturer that makes lights, Fenix is one of the best, hands down.

But if you are in the market, this is a smart buy for a few scenarios:

  • For someone starting their emergency planning supplies
  • An easy to add kit for vehicular prep bag or a Get Home Bag
  • A great gift idea for the camper or under-prepared family member in your life

Emergency Lighting Made Easy

There are zillions of lights, brands, styles, out there that narrowing it down can be a real PIA.

Do I get a lantern, a torch, a headlamp? Do I even know what the difference is, or how or when I might need a particular one?

If this is all new to you, then those answers can be a little tricky to answer if you don't have the experience of being without power for several nights, or if you've never been camping in the back country.

So I'll say this upfront, the Fenix Level 2 Emergency Kit has everything you'd need all in one place to cover any type of lighting need you could come across.

Fenix Level 2 Lighting Emergency Kit front of the case

For the uninitiated, here is why: you get the 3 main lighting types in one shot, a torch (flashlight), a lantern, and a headlamp. Each of these have different use cases:

  • Lantern: good for area lighting, as it gives a more diffused 360° light source to help you see thing things immediately around you. Can be hung up or sitting on an object.
  • Headlamp: keeps your hands free and provides a focused beam on the area that you are looking at. A perfect task light, for when you need to do things in the dark and don't want to futz around with a torch or lamp.
  • Torch: sends out a concentrated and powerful beam of light good for searching and lighting up areas in the distance. Typically held in the hand, and can be too bright to look at directly.

Save money: if you were to buy each of the items in this kit individually, by my estimates it would cost you a little more than $240, so you are saving $40 when you purchase it all together.

Where to Get One

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Fenix Level 2 Lighting Emergency Kit inside the case

Fenix Level 2 Lighting Emergency Kit

Typical Price: $200

The Fenix Level 2 Emergency Lighting Kit provides you with the tools needed for more long-term power outages or natural disaster. Level 2 contains a multi-functional LED flashlight, headlamp, lantern and backup batteries to provide you more than 500 hours of continuous illumination and 10 years storage before needing to update batteries.

Fenix’s efficient run times and longer life spans while in storage means you’re assured the brightest light during the darkest times. Carry this kit for your home, office or car and be prepared for the unexpected.

This kit is a great lighting upgrade to an emergency kit, bug out bag, or prepper bundle you may already have.


Level 1 Kit

If you are looking for a kit that runs on traditional or rechargeable AA or AAA batteries, or to save a few bucks, then check out the Fenix Level 1 Lighting Emergency kit, which runs for $140.

Here's a deeper dive into each of the products available in the Level 2 bundle.

Fenix CL26R Lantern

If you could only chose one light from this kit to have with you at night, this would be my choice. It's the best of both worlds, it has a lantern for 360° area lighting, in addition to a directional torch on the bottom side.

The lantern has 6 lighting modes: low, medium, bright, half-side (front), red, red flashing (warning) and the down firing light has 2 brightness modes.

The lamp is waterproof (but not submersible) and particle proof - so it can handle tough environmental conditions when you need it to.

Fenix CL23 lantern next to the CL26R lantern

CL23 which runs on AA batteries next to the CL26R, which uses the 18650 battery

It has a handle on the top and a clip that comes in the box. My suggestion is to attach it, makes it easier to hang from guy lines or the little hooks in tents.

And it uses my most favorite battery, the venerable & rechargeable 18650, which is just a powerhouse that has huge output and runs forever.

Fenix CL26R Rechargeable Lantern

Fenix CL26R Rechargeable Lantern

Typical Price: $60

The Fenix CL26R Lantern is a multi-directional, lightweight camping lantern. Powered by a rechargeable 18650 battery, this lantern delivers a max output of 400 lumens—plenty of light to illuminate your entire campsite. A unique feature of the lantern is the multi-directional lighting modes—three brightness levels of 360° light, a front light and two brightness levels of down light.

Unique heat distribution allows for outstanding cold performance. Extremely durable and rain-resistant this lantern a perfect camp companion.


CL26R Operating & Specs


Press and hold the switch for 0.5 seconds to turn on/off the lantern.

Mode Switching

The white light mode is selected by default each time the lantern is turned on.
In white light mode, double-click the switch to enter the red light mode, and then double click again to return to the white light mode.

Output Selection

White light: Click the switch to cycle through Low→Med →High→Front→Down 1 →Down 2
Red light: Click the switch to cycle through Red light →Red Flash.

CL26R Operating & Specs table

Fenix HM50R V2.0 USB Rechargeable Headlamp

The next product I want to feature from this kit is the HM50R headlamp.

It's small but mighty, and can pump out a 700 lumen beam out to 377 feet with 6 different lighting output modes, including 2 red light modes.

Waterproof and durable, it has reflective headband to keep you visible to others.

Headlamps are a must-have emergency lighting accessory, and the HM50R V2.0 is a perfect choice.

It sits nicely on the head, and doesn't feel uncomfortable after long periods.

It doesn't use the 18650 battery that some of the Fenix headlamps do, instead it uses a 3.7 volt 16340, which is a rechargeable version of the CR123A battery.

The 16340 is half-sized of the 18650, and in many lights you can use (2) 16340's in place of a single 18650.

Fenix includes (10) CR123A in the box with the Fenix Level 2 Emergency Kit.

Fenix HM50R V2.0 USB Rechargeable Headlamp

Fenix HM50R V2.0 USB Rechargeable Headlamp

Typical Price: $60

Don’t let its small size fool you; this headlamp is power packed by throwing a 700 lumen beam over 377ft.

One 16340 rechargeable Li-ion battery is included or you can use one CR123A lithium battery to power it. This rechargeable headlamp also comes with a ARB-L16-700P Li-ion battery, USB Type-C charging cable, spare O-ring.


HM50R Operating & Specs


  • With the lamp switched off, press and hold the switch for 0.5 seconds to enter white light mode.
  • With the lamp switched off, double click the switch to enter red light mode.
  • With the lamp switched on, press and hold the switch for 0.5 seconds to turn off the lamp.

Output selection for the HM50R:

  • White light mode: single click the switch to cycle through Low →Med →High→ Turbo. (with intelligent memory circuit)
  • Red light mode: single click the switch to cycle through Red light →Red flash. (without intelligent memory circuit)

HM50R Operating & Specs table

Fenix PD32 V2.0 Flashlight

Every good lighting kit needs a solid torch, or flashlight.

But wait, I already have the headlamp and lantern you mentioned above, you might say.

True, and in my opinion, those are the two most important types of lights to have. But a good torch light, like the PD32 takes it to the next level by giving you more power, more light, more distance. A good torch light can also be used as a defensive tool.

Fenix PD32 V2.0 Flashlight from the top with the case

The PD32 throws out 1200 lumens (39,000 candela) and a beam distance of 1,295 ft at the max setting. Nothing is coming near you at night time without you seeing it.

Fenix included a diffuser tip in the kit, so you can use the PD32 more like a lantern if you need to. It also comes with a belt pouch to hold it in.

Fenix PD32 V2.0 Flashlight

Fenix PD32 V2.0 Flashlight

Typical Price: $60

The Fenix PD32 V2.0 Flashlight is the perfect all-purpose flashlight, made for a variety of tasks. Featuring a multi-function tail switch that allows you to quickly choose between 3 brightness levels, for a maximum 1200 lumens and a beam distance of 1295ft, plus strobe.

Tap and hold the tail switch for a fast momentary on. At just over 5” long, this flashlight is a great everyday carry size.


PD32 Operating & Specs


Tap the tail switch to momentarily turn on the light.
Press the tail switch to constantly turn on the light, press again to turn off the light.

Output selection for the PD32:

With the light switched on, tap the tail switch to cycle through Low→Med→High.

In any state, press and hold the tail switch for 0.5 seconds to enter strobe.
Tap the tail switch to turn back to previously used mode.

PD32 Operating & Specs table

Additional Accessories

Along with the 3 lights, you also get some important items, mainly the enough batteries to run the whole shebang, in addition to a really cool little knife, a diffusion cap and for the PD32.

They are all useful to have, and good inclusions in the kit.

Especially the knife - it's actually quite a nice blade. Good shape with a nice feel to it, and a good, useful size.

Fenix Converge Batidora Folding Knife from the top with the blade out

Fenix Converge Batidora Folding Knife closed next to carry bag

Fenix Converge Batidora Folding Knife

Converge Batidora Folding Knife-Small

Typical Price: $15

This reliable, hard-use knife supports all those daily activities like cutting boxes, tape, rope, clothing and fabric. The small Batidora features a backside utility cutter that can also be used for a variety of uses including bottle opener.

  • Blade Steel: 8CR13MOV Stainless Steel (56-58HRC)
  • Dual Stainless Steel Liner, G10 Handle Scales, Tip-Up Clip,
  • Blade Length:  3 inches
  • Knife Length (open):  7 inches
  • Knife Length (closed):  4 inches
  • Blade Thickness 0.16
  • Weight: 3.8 ounces


Upgrade Ideas

Although the kit has everything in it you need to get started, there are a couple of items you could add to it to level it up.

My first choice would be to get some extra rechargeable 18650 or 16340 batteries. You get one of each with the lantern and the headlamp.

The PD32 doesn't come with a rechargeable battery, so if you want to get the full output it is capable of you will need to supply your own 18650. The CR123A that comes with it works fine, but you can see the difference with the upgrade.

For both the CL26R lantern and the PD32 I suggest my favorite battery, the ARB-L18-3500U. It has 3,500 miliamp hours, which is the largest they offer in that size, plus it has a built-in micro USB charging port which is killer. Just another way to power up the battery in the field and I think a no-brainer.

Fenix ARB-L18-3500U Built-in USB Rechargeable Battery

Fenix ARB-L18-3500U Built-in USB Rechargeable Battery

Typical Price: $26

Specs: A massive battery with 3500mAh of power and our favorite feature, a built-in micro-USB charging port. This allows you multiple ways to charge it up: via external charger, in the device, or stand-alone with a readily available micro-USB cable.

Also includes a charging indicator light. It also includes a protection circuit in the anode to help prevent short circuits, over charge/discharge and over heating.


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