BLACKHAWK Women's Tactical Pants

BLACKHAWK Women's Tactical Pants

BLACKHAWK Women's Tactical Pants

Finding good tactical pants for women can be a little tricky. Couple that to the fact that the wife is wee-tiny, and it makes it double-tricky.

We wanted a pair of pants for her that weren't crazy expensive, but that would be durable enough to handle heavy wear-and-tear.

Lucky for us Grainger had a closeout sale on a pair of blue BLACKHAWK Womens Tactical Pants that were the correct waist size for the Mrs. (we hemmed them for length).

That was a score for us, and she's used the heck out of them so far - here's why we think they are good Bug Out bag contenders:

Why Tactical Pants?

Durability and wearability are the two most obviously important things to look for in a pair of pants meant to be outside or used heavily. And they need to be shaped for a woman's body, not just shrunk-down men's pants.

These BLACKHAWKS score points on both fronts. They are the same poly/cotton blend as my 5.11 pants, and fit her waist in a functional yet complimentary way.

She tested them out in earnest during our three day weekend with Byron Kerns at his survival training school. They stayed clean, despite her best efforts to the contrary, and were comfortable for her to wear during the warm days and cooler nights.

Blackhawk! Women's Lightweight Tactical Pants Closeups

There we're plenty of pockets for her to stuff assorted pinecones and tissues and whatever other things it is women carry in the woods while still being able to move around in the lithe and free-footed way that she does. :)

The only issue with the pants is where the seam for the knee reinforcement is - it sometimes rubs against her knee and is noticeable.

This is due to the fact that we had to take 3" off the inseam so the pants don't fit the way they were designed.

Not a flaw in the pants but just something to keep in mind if you need to hem yours as well. Its just a stiffness that will probably go away after use and the material softens up some.

So they live in her Bug Out Bag, and occasionally we take them outside for a spin when the weather is right. Thumbs up from her!

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BLACKHAWK Women's Tactical Pants

Typical Price: $30

These tactical pants are rugged, lightweight and provide “intelligent” storage options for the tactical woman. These aren’t men’s pants shrunk to fit women. They’re designed for you!


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