Ddyoutdoor Neck & Face Flap Wide Brim Hat

Ddyoutdoor Neck & Face Flap Wide Brim Hat Review

Ddyoutdoor Neck & Face Flap Wide Brim Hat

The sun can really do a number on you if you are trapped or forced to be outside for long periods. Heat exhaustion and sunburn can not only be inconvenient but also dangerous.

Sunscreen helps but needs to be reapplied consistently and can't help your scalp really. So having a good hat that's pack-able is a smart idea. We've tried a handful of different types and different brands and have settled on our favorite by DDY Outdoor.

It checks all the boxes for me: it's lightweight, it's durable, and it includes detachable front and rear flaps. Those have come in handy several times this summer when working outside all day. I burn easy and don't really like putting on creams. Whats cool is that you can connect the rear flap together under the chin with a snap and tuck the whole jazz into your shirt of you want.

The hat is lightweight. I don't really like to wear hats, especially when it's hot out. The DDY is breathable and doesn't feel constrictive.

Could be better: The rear flap hooks on with these tiny plastic hooks. They do hold the flap on when you are wearing it, but they tend to fall off when taking the hat on and off.

Also the face mask is attached with small bits of velcro. Both problems can be fixed with a little creative reinforcement with some thread and needle.

I've bought a second one to keep in the truck because my first has held up so well. I'm a fan of these hats. They are cheap which is nice.

Will they last forever? Nah but as I said before a little stiching form time to time will keep mine going for years.

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