Hazard 4 Reveille Rugged Toiletry Bag

Hazard 4 Reveille Rugged Toiletry Bag

Hazard 4 Reveille Rugged Toiletry Bag

One thing I've noticed that's often overlooked in peoples Emergency Kits are perhaps one of the most important: toiletry and hygiene items. Think about not having a toothbrush or deodorant for a couple of days. NFG.

If you are stuck at a shelter somewhere, someones house, a campground, or a camp, not having an organized bathroom kit will be a headache. Bottles of goo all over the place, soap on the ground, toothbrush lord knows where, all bad mojo. 

What are we to do? Have no fear, Hazard 4 is here. Their Reveille Rugged Toiletry Bag checks a lot of boxes for us on our travels and it will serve you well.

Hazard 4 Reveille Rugged Toiletry Bag next to Klean Kanteen Bottle

Good Things:

  1. It has a hook. This GOOD. You can hang it anywhere and that is a really, really big deal. Any shower kit you consider must have this one critical feature, or you need to rig one up. We spend a lot of time at places where we have to use shared shower and bathroom facilities. You do NOT want your stuff just laying around on the counters there, and FOR SURE don't want anything on the floor in some of these places. Unless you like E. Coli and Staph, then by all means go for the gravity assist. For the rest of us though, hook.  
  2. HAS HOOK.
  3. Well thought-out organizational setup. The outside pouch to the left is presumably for razors or toothbrushes since is has a small grommet hole on the side to let out water, let in air. The main compartment is big and has retention straps throughout. There is also a smaller zippered pouch there. On the flap with the hook there are two other storage areas. The clear plastic can be used to house a mirror, so no excuses for lookin' scruffy.
  4. The outside of the bag has a nice little pocket that is just the right size for latrine relevant reading materials to help pass the time while passing MRE's. 
  5. Velcro. Keep appropriate toilet humor morale patches displayed prominently. Or I guess your name, whatever. 

Hazard 4 Reveille Rugged Toiletry Bag bottom view

  1. PAL's loops on bottom. Although I'm not really sure what those would be good for other than smuggle Slim Jims.   
  2. It's nice and big. 12.5" x 9" x 4” so you can hold enough smell-good to keep you in the running for a while. 
  3. Comes in Tan or Black. 
  4. Tough 1000D Cordura. Tough enough for Tom Bosley, tough enough for you. 
  5. No number 10. Only 9 good things. Move on. 

Hazard 4 Reveille Rugged Toiletry Bag another bottom view


  1. No MOLLE on the back, or some other kinda strap to be able to attach to a pack. I could see field uses where it just stays on there. Easier that digging it in and out or taking up inside space. 
  2. It's big. Yeah we said that was a good thing. Depends. It can take up more room than you may need for only a few days worth of supplies, ie. a weekend trip somewhere. The size is perfect though if you are sharing toiletries with your sweetie however. 
  3. For reasons no mortal can fathom, the hook is canted to the left, which can make the whole thing hand slightly off center...

Hazard 4 Reveille Rugged Toiletry Bag inside closeup and hook

Well that's about it. I guess a Ziploc bag would serve you just as well, if you want to roll that way. Who are we to judge?

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