Parcil Safety Respirators

Parcil Safety Respirators PD-101, PD-100 & T-60, T-61

Parcil Safety Respirators

Breathing is important, that's pretty obvious. What might be less obvious is how easily lungs and airways can be damaged by exposure to dangerous gasses, vapors and particulates.

There's a million and one reasons you'd need to protect your airway and that's why we created the Ultimate Gas Mask and Respirator Guide.

We've gotten our hands on a few of the respirators that Parcil Saftey makes, they offer lower cost alternatives from what other brands make but still include the high quality craftsmanship you would want from protective gear.

Let's take a look at what they have to offer and if they are worth your consideration - and our readers get 15% off their order with code: BUGOUT15.

Parcil Full-Face Respirators

Let's start with the top of the line and our preferred type of mask respirator - the full face. You get eye, nose and mouth protection with these which offers the best of all worlds.

They have 2 models, the PD-100 and the PD-101. They are the same mask, with one difference: they have a different type of filter connector. The PD-100 uses a proprietary filter connector, while the PD-101 is compatible with other companies filters.

The PD-100/101 are fantastic respirators and face masks. They are ASTM E2952-17 tested, and are in the midst of NIOSH certification at the time of writing.

Parcil Safety PD-101 shown with 3M 60926 filters on a mannequin head on the ground

*PD-101 shown with 3M 60926 filters

The mask is sturdy yet comfortable and lightweight. Perfect for all-day use. To test this I wore one around the house all day...much to the chagrin of the Mrs.

Was it awesome? Not really, I don't like things on my face, but it wasn't unbearable or as bad as some of the other masks I've done the same with.

The gasket which forms around the face is a multi-layered silicone which is soft and conforms nicely to the shape of the head. Unless you got some lumpy Goonies Sloth style head, then all bets are off. (You know who you are.)

Parcil Safety PD-101 shown with 3M 60926 filters on a mannequin head on the ground, close up of the head straps

The straps and buckles are dynamic, wide, and durable. Not the flimsy elastic I've seen in other models. They are comfy.

Each individual strap can be adjusted for fit and removed from the retention clips around the mask.

The overall structure of the harness is good, it relieves pressure points and keeps the mask in place when you're moving around.

Parcil Safety PD-101 shown with 3M 60926 filters on a mannequin head on the ground, with another view of the head straps

Downsides: if you wear glasses full-time then these are a no-go, the frames would create a leak around the seal. Same goes for beards fellas.

If you have the space and the budget, the full face mask respirator is the way to go, it offers the best protection.

Parcil Half-Face Respirators

Two Parcil Safety half face respirators side by side

In addition to the full face mask, Parcil Safety makes half face masks for people who need to glasses or who don't require the full-face solution.

The bulk of the mask is the silicone face shield. I like this design quite a bit because it is more comfortable for all day use than some other masks which use a combination of hard polymer and silicone to mitigate cost.

One of the most popular half face masks on the market is the 3M 6000 series. They average around $15 a unit and once you add filters you're at about $50. For $20 more you can pickup the T-60/61 mask and get a slew of upgrades that are worth it.

3M 6000 series half face mask next to a Parcil Safety P60 mask

Getting back to the silicone, the Parcil mask is much more comfortable than the 3M 6000, and is easier to breath in thanks to the downward facing exhalation valve.

The retention system is also vastly superior to the 3M. Parcil designed a sturdy headband which sits along a larger portion of the head, reducing pressure points, along with beefier elastic straps for fitting.

Included Filters

The PD-101 and T-61 masks come with a set of Parcil brand N95 equivalent filters called the P-A-3, and are also compatible with the popular 3M 60926 filters.

3M filter next to a Parcil Safety filter

The Parcil filter is leaner and meaner than the 3M filter...and if we're being honest, a much better color.

Parcil Safety includes proprietary P-A-1 filters on the PD-100 and T-60 models. The upside to these filters are the size and fitment into the mask, they are smaller, lighter and tighter - giving you a better field of view when doing detailed work.

Parcil Safety P-A-1 filter on the ground next to a mask

The only major difference between the two models is the cap design. The P-A-1 filter covers more of the particulate pre-filter, which allows to last a little longer than the P-A-3, which has an open cap design, which may expose the particulate pre-filter to more dust and dirt particles, requiring it to be changed more often.

If you want more flexibility with the types of filters you can use, grab the PD-101 or T-61 instead.

Where to Get One:

Buy them directly from Parcil Safety or get them from Amazon.

Get a 15% discount when you purchase direct with a code for our readers: BUGOUT15

PD-100/101 Full Face Respirator + Filters

PD-100/101 Full Face Respirator + Filters

Typical Price: $100

Parcil Safety's premier PD-100/101 Full Face Respirator Gas Masks are a comprehensive solution for users seeking protection for their eyes, face, nose, mouth, and airways.

Designed to safeguard the wearer during a variety of activities from home improvement to industrial occupations, the PD-100/101 is dependable for strong protection against organic vapors and 95% of particulates down to 0.3 microns.


T-60/61 Half Face Respirator + Filters


T-60/61 Half Face Respirator + Filters

Typical Price: $70

The T-60/61 offer industrial-level function in an agile package. They are manufactured to be lightweight and tough enough to withstand severe conditions and continuous use.

They helps provide its wearer with powerful respiratory protection against airborne contaminants when used with the P-A-1/P-A-3 carbon-activated filters, or industry-standard bayonet cartridges. It is designed to pair well with prescription glasses, sunglasses, or safety goggles. 


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