Ultimate Survival Technologies SplashFlash LED Light

Ultimate Survival Technologies SplashFlash LED Light

Ultimate Survival Technologies SplashFlash LED Light

Tiny flashlights! Waterproof flashlights! Two great tastes that taste great together for the first time with the Ultimate Survival Technologies SplashFlash LED Light!

We have 4 of these lights, and we keep one clipped to the outside of each of our Go Bags.

You gotta get one of these and try them out. Lets see why:

Continuing our theme of Micro Tool Month, we now take a look at some lighting options.

We're going to start with our favorite and the one we use all the time.

The UST Splashflash is a perfect little area light for a tent or in a vehicle. It's bright enough to read by if used within a few feet.

And whats great about it is that it comes with a carabiner so its easy to hook to loops and hooks.

We have used ours around campsites and for keeping us visible when walking back and forth to the campground bathrooms for almost two years and the batteries are still going!

The official burn time per AAA battery is 11 hours. YMMV.

Ultimate Survival Technologies SplashFlash LED Light Size Comparison

Runs on a single AAA battery and isn't much bigger than one.

The enclosure has a  gasket so that water cannot get into the battery compartment or into the LED.

And this little thingamabob floats!

That's why we prefer the brighter colors so if it were to take a swim we could find it easily. It's IPX7 by the way.

Ultimate Survival Technologies SplashFlash LED Light Hand Held

The light turns on by twisting the grey rubber part. One twist turns the lamp on and off.

A quick twist off and on sets the lamp to blink out S.O.S. in morse code (dot dot dot, dash dash dash, dot dot dot.)

It's surprisingly bright at 25 lumens and can be seen from 100 feet or more.

Ultimate Survival Technologies SplashFlash LED Light

And for no good reason whatsoever, a photo of a cat on a boat wearing a life-vest equipped with a UST Splashflash.


It's a cute picture but it points out an important point - having one of these attached to each family member or pet can help keep everyone together if walking through dark places.

BTW If you buy anything with the links we provide on this page we might get a small percentage of the sale. For more info click here.


UST SplashFlash LED Light

Typical Price: $14

Waterproof Multi-Function LED Flashlight and Signal Light.

Ideal for hiking, ultralight backpacking, and boating, the easily pocketable UST SplashFlash LED flashlight provides a broad illumination and works as a mini-lantern, safety light, and personal locator light.

It features an unbreakable white Nichia LED bulb that provides 25 lumens of 360-degree light, and a handy carabiner clip that attaches anywhere and can double as a key chain.

Easy to operate, simply twist the collar back and forth to cycle through lighting modes (steady on, flashing SOS).


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