autoXscape 3-in-1 Emergency Escape Tool

autoXscape 3-in-1 Emergency Escape Tool

autoXscape 3-in-1 Emergency Escape Tool

We've been trying to think outside the box lately about Get Home products, especially those kept in a vehicle. One item that caught our attention was the autoXscape 3-in-1 tool. We like tools with multiple uses and this provides a glass breaker, seat belt cutter, and flashlight.

autoXscape 3-in-1 Emergency Escape Tool closeup

How does this fit into a Get Home Bag? I can think of quite a few scenarios beyond escaping from a car where a tool like this could be helpful. Breaking glass without breaking your hand would be a good thing if you needed to get into a vehicle for a rescue, or to get into a building during a major emergency. 

They have a video on Youtube on how to properly cut the seatbelt and how to break the glass the right way. HINT: the seatbelt needs to be tight, and you need to hit the glass in the corners, not the middle. 

autoXscape 3-in-1 Emergency Escape Tool closeup hook

The autoXscape 3-in-1 Emergency Escape Tool has a nice feel to it. It isn't heavy, but it feels solid. There is a nice rubberized grip in the middle. There are two glass breakers. One covers the seat belt cutter on top of a gasketed cap. The one on top of the seat belt blade is a little taller and seems to work better based on some Youtube videos about it. 

autoXscape 3-in-1 Emergency Escape Tool closeup of grip

The flashlight is self explanatory. It has 3 operating modes: High, Low, SOS. Run time is 4hrs (high), 20hrs (low), 28hrs (SOS). The light output is 135 m (high), 50 m (low). It is IPX7 waterproof rated and will be able to withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

autoXscape 3-in-1 Emergency Escape Tool flash light

One note about the way the beam spreads. It has a very bright hot-spot in the middle which concentrates about 80% of the light into 10% of the beam. That's likely because it's concentrated for distance. The beam throws about 150m/492ft (high power), 90m/295ft (low power.) That can be a little tricky when using the autoXcape in up-close situations, but it's a nice feature to have if you are trying to get other peoples attention during an emergency. 

autoXscape 3-in-1 Emergency Escape Tool parts

It comes with a mounting kit, which is a nice touch. Bracket comes with screws and 3m tape. This helps you keep the tool within reach quickly which is a much better option than having it buried in a glovebox somewhere. Especially if you are in a flipped-over vehicle (which I have been, no fun.) We found a great spot for ours right in the middle of our two front seats on our little organizer bin. This way it's accessible to both me and the missus. 

autoXscape 3-in-1 Emergency Escape Tool in a vehicle

Nice touches: batteries are included! There is a lifetime limited warranty, a 3 year no-cost warranty, and a 30 day money back guarantee.

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autoXscape 3-in-1 Car Emergency Tool

Typical Price: $30

Ingenious design meets engineering excellence. This high-powered flashlight (with a vivid SOS/strobe mode) integrates two escape tools, vital in desperate situations, into its handle: a seatbelt cutter and dual window-punch glass breakers. autoXscape is a life-saving tool you want close by when roadside emergencies turn extreme.


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