The Woodsman Outdoor Survival Kit Guide

The ultimate woodsman outdoor survival kit. Discover the best gear to include in your bugout bag for emergencies that leave you stranded outdoors.

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The Ultimate Urban Survival Kit & Gear

The ultimate urban survival kit and gear. The gray man survival bag is specifically designed for the urban prepper who lives in cities or large towns.

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14 Survival Schools That Could Save Your Life

The 14 best survival schools that could save your life. Develop wilderness survival training with classes from top survival schools like Pathfinder and Sigma 3.

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80 Bug Out Bag Essentials Checklist

Create the best bug out bag with our ultimate bug out bag checklist. Discover 80 essential items to carry in your survival kit to prepare you for emergencies.

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How To Build A $20 Budget Friendly Bug Out Bag

How to build a bug out bag on a cheap friendly budget of $20 dollars. Here’s a list of things you can use around the house to make a quick and affordable survival bag.

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