DeWalt Dominator Safety Glasses

DeWalt Dominator Safety Glasses

DeWalt Dominator Safety Glasses

Something you probably haven't though much about for your Bug Out Bag is having a pair of backup sunglasses that can also serve duty as safety glasses.

But don't go for expensive glasses, you don't need to.

DeWalt makes a great pair of safety glasses that comes in different styles.

Why Safety Glasses?

If you think about some of the situations you could face during a natural disaster, it's not hard to imagine situations where you could do damage to your eyes.

That's not something that you want to be dealing with during an emergency.

You might be doing demo work, or construction work, debris removal, etc. All of those situations could create unsafe conditions and would require eye protection in commercial environments.

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That's whats great about the DeWalt Dominators. They are ANSI Z87.1 compliant so they protect against debris and impacts.

They are much sturdier than your run-of-the-mill glasses.

They are designed to fit around ear protection so if you are wearing on or over ear headphones they will be comfortable.

The Dominators (funny name isn't it?) have built-in UV protection to protect against the sun.

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Our Review

We've had 2 pairs of these of these for a few years ago.

One we keep in our Bug Out Bag, the other in the house for use gardening and at the beach.

These are my favorite glasses for the beach. The sand hasn't scratched the lenses at all and I use them in the salt water hand they have held up perfectly. 

They are easy to clean and when I do the pair I've used the most still look brand new. I'm very impressed with these. They feel extremely durable and have proven to be thus far.

And the best part is they cost less than $10 a pair. I would easily pay 3x that amount for them, they are that good (just don't tell DeWalt!)

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