True Utility FIXR Pocket Tool

True Utility FIXR Pocket Tool

True Utility FIXR Pocket Tool

It's important to remember that having fast and easy access to tools and equipment during an emergency situation can mean the difference between a good outcome and a bad one.

But the enormous issue we face with Emergency Kits when adding gear becomes weight. It's easy to add so much gear, thus so much weight, that they become difficult if not impossible to carry.

Most people wind up with 50 lb Bug Out Bags, and that's before they start carrying water!

So having a selection of small multi-purpose tools available that can help in a pinch is a smart way to be prepared for a variety of contingencies and keep the weight off your back.

Enter the True Utility FIXR Pocket Tool. Small enough to fit on a key ring yet durable enough to be there when you need it.

Lets look at it in detail and see if it makes sense for your BOB or EDC.

Let's Talk Multi-tools

There is always a trade off with products that offer multiple uses. Typically the individual components are substandard at the expense of better marketing claims, like "1 tool for 2350 needs."

So it's easy to punch holes into multi-tools for that reason, when comparing them to the specialized ones they are trying to replace.

The True Utility FIXR Pocket Tool is no exception to this, although it does stand out as a well designed higher-end piece of gear than some other multitools that are out there.

Sure, it would be great if we could all carry a Leatherman New Wave Multitool around with us all the time, but for most of us that's impractical, if not downright illegal in some cases (due to the blade included on the tool.)

So when limits are in place, carry tools that can fit within those limits, but make sure you have the proper expectations of what they can do at the same time.

Lets dive a little deeper into the True Utility FIXR Pocket Tool and see if it does what it says it does: offer us 20 tools in 1 package that can fit on your key ring.

True Utility FIXR Pocket Tool Closeup

True Utility FIXR Pocket Tool Breakdown

First, let's look at the overall picture. The FIXR is made from titanium coated 422 grade stainless steel, which is typically used to manufacture airplane parts, steam and gas turbine components, so has excellent temperature to weight ratios. That's very good.

The design of the product is innovative, well thought out, and intuitive. You can tell what does what. And in case you can't, there are labels to guide you.

It comes with a nice real leather carrying case which will help it from snagging in your pocket or other places. The Quick Release Clip is tight and should maintain its tightness with consistent use. It's 3.25" long and 1" wide.

Let's take a look at some of the specific tools included with the True Utility FIXR Pocket Tool:

  1. Quick Release Clip
  2. Bottle Opener
  3. Nail Cleaner
  4. Large Flat Screwdriver
  5. Medium Flat Screwdriver
  6. Small Flat Eyeglass Screwdriver
  7. Medium Phillips Screwdriver
  8. Small Phillips Screwdriver
  9. 14mm Spanner/Wrench
  10. 12mm Spanner/Wrench
  11. 10mm Spanner/Wrench
  12. 8mm Spanner/Wrench
  13. 6mm Spanner/Wrench
  14. Bicycle Spoke Wrench
  15. Razor Sharp Cutting Blade
  16. Wire Stripper
  17. Measuring Ruler
  18. Box Opener
  19. Pry Bar
  20. File

True Utility FIXR Pocket Tool File

For the most part, the FIXR delivers on the tools and provides adequate coverage for what they are supposed to do. Due to the small size of the tool itself, and its design, some compromises had to be made and you should be aware of them so you have the right expectations for this product:

  • The Philips head screwdrivers are nearly flat on one side, because they are located on the movable piece. This might cause slippage with certain size screw heads or worse, stripping.
  • Not sure what one can pry open with the "pry bar" but it's there, and might be handy for opening electronics or some smaller object.
  • The blade is only useful under certain circumstances, such as cutting paracord or the like - but you didn't buy this thing for the blade, did you? Not when our ESEE Knives are all within arms reach...


When it comes to micro tools, to my mind "more the merrier." Their weight is typically inconsequential, and in a pinch it's better to have than to have not.

Would I start with micro tools and work my way back to the real stuff? It depends on the person.

I can see the FIXR being great for a teen's BOB or EDC. Also I can see this being a regular addition to my air travel EDC.

So all in all I give it a thumbs up, and a contender for your emergency kits.

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True Utility FIXR Pocket Tool

Typical Price: $15

The FIXR tool features an easy, portable solution for all of your everyday tools. Equipped with 20 different tools combined into 1 Multi-Tool.

Designed with 420 grade black stainless steel for a sleek look and equips a gold plated revolving disc allows tools to be exposed while in use, so they are never in the way when you don't need them.

At True Utility, we always pack in as much as we can, making our tools the most useful and compact as possible


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