How To Make Sure Your Gas Mask Fits

Need to wear a gas mask? You'll need to know how to fit it and to put it on properly. Check out our guide.

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Guide to Fish Antibiotics For Human Use

Whoa - wait a minute, what's this crazy talk, fish medicine for people? Are you really about to go there?


Before you read this article, realize where were are coming from:

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Yeti 150 Battery Upgrade + Anderson Powerpole Add

Hot-to guide and tutorial for to replace and upgrade the battery in a Goal Zero Yeti 150, and how-to add Anderson Powerpole connectors too

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Build an EMT & Paramedic First Aid Kit

How-to build a First Aid Kit like an EMT & Paramedic would have with them on the rescue truck. The best FAK you can make.

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goTenna Mesh: The New Everyday Carry (EDC)

Written by Tavi Klein from goTenna.

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How to Purify Water with Natural Methods

Author: Kyt Lyn Walken

“Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.” — Lao Tzu 

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5 Alternative Ways to Catch Fish Without a Rod and Reel

How do you fish without a rod? We discuss a number of the ways.

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How To Build A Camp Shower

Looking for a way to take a shower off-grid or while camping? We dive into a host of options: from pressurized pumps to hanging bags.

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Should You Carry a Night Vision Scope?

Does having a night vision scope in your bug out bag make sense? We discuss the idea.

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Prepper Christmas Gift Guide

The ultimate Christmas gift guide for Preppers. Give the gift of preparedness and peace of mind this holiday season with unique gifts every survivalist will love.

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