5.11 MultiCam Black Covert Boxpack Review

5.11 MultiCam Black Covert Boxpack Review

5.11 MultiCam Black Covert Boxpack Review

It's no secret we're fans for 5.11 packs around here. Not only do they make some of the best packs out there, they are also affordable, and are pretty easy to find good used ones on eBay as well.

We've had a 5.11 MultiCam Black Covert Boxpack for just over a year now, so we figured it was time to give it a proper review, for those who might be looking at one for themselves.

Build to Last

Like most of the packs 5.11 makes, their Boxpack series are incredibly durable. If fact, the Boxpack series might be a smidge more durable than others since it uses a 1680D "ballistic" polyester fabric for it's main construction.

That is a tough fabric, meant to be abused. It's abrasion proof, puncture resistant, and also water resistant. Your items inside will stay dry and protected during harsh conditions.

Ultimately what this pack was designed for, and what probably is its most relevant use case is either police or military use. Why?

Firstly there is the conceal carry area directly in the front of the bag. Secondly the pockets on the left and right sides have magazine retainers built in. There is also space for a water bladder, not something most people would use in a commuter bag.

It's low drag, low profile, and meant to ride high up on the back to allow for freedom of movement.

Does that mean it's only good for that usage? Certainly not.

5.11 MultiCam Black Covert Boxpack Side By Side

A Great EDC

If you are looking for a durable pack for your every day use; for commuting or keeping in the car as a get home bag, as a CCW pack, then the 5.11 Boxpack is a good contender.

Commuter Bag:

It has a laptop pouch on the inside big enough for a 15 incher. The main area is big enough to hold a winter jacket, hat and gloves, and a book or two.

You can either use the roll top to get in and out of the main area, or get quick access to the laptop via the zipper along the top edge.

The 3 outside pockets are good for whatever you feel to carry in there, but there is certainly room enough for a water bottle or two, a phone, headphones, and whatever else you want to carry (say a small 12-hour survival kit)

The CCW area is a great place to stash a phone or ebook, since its nice and soft, as is the zippered glasses pouch on the topside.

5.11 MultiCam Black Covert Boxpack Side View

Get Home Bag:

If you are looking for a smaller pack that can last as a 24-hour kit, or what we like to call a get home bag, the 5.11 Covert Boxpack can fit that need.

It's not to big to take up a ton of room in a vehicle, but it can hold a multitude of items if you organize them properly inside the main area.

At 32L it isn't really big enough to be a bug out bag, but that isn't what it was designed to be used for anyway.

Meant to Wear All Day

The shoulder straps on the Boxpack are quite comfortable. They are padded and yolk shaped so they won't pinch where they contact with your shoulders.

There is discreet MOLLE cutouts along them as well, so you can attach extra kit along the front as you see fit.

An adjustable chest strap helps center the weight, and a small waist belt can be used to keep the pack in place during high-speed ops.

5.11 MultiCam Black Covert Boxpack Inside View


The 5.11 Boxpacks are durable, simple, streamlined and adaptable. They can be used for a variety of different things and handle them all well.

Some might not like the roll top, some may like the fact that it allows for extra space. To each their own but without a doubt, the 5.11 Boxpacks are awesome bags.

Where to Get One:

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5.11 Tactical Covert Boxpack

Typical Price: $100

The Covert Boxpack is engineered for speed and durability. The two zippered pockets are sized for water bottles and contains retention straps for magazine storage, while the bottom pocket is ideal for electronic accessories.

An internal laptop compartment is accessible from the roll-top or a separate zippered opening.

Buy used on eBay and save some $$.


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