5.11 Rush Moab 10

5.11 Rush Moab 10 Review

5.11 Rush Moab 10

Lets just say it up front, 5.11 makes bombproof gear. We love their packs, bags, clothes, etc.

Always functional, built like a tank, and good looks to boot.

One of their coolest packs is the 5.11 Rush Moab. Its an awesome Every Day Carry or Get Home Bag.

It's part of their Rush lineup, which is no joke, some epic packs in there. Rush 72, Rush 24, 12...on and on.

You'll like this one, if you aren't familiar with it. Let's check it out.

5.11 Rush Moab

Lets start with what this pack would be good for. It has an 18 liter capacity, so this is a good short-term kit. It's just a little too small for what we would normally choose for a Bug Out Bag.

What's cool about the 5.11 Rush Moab 10 is that you can integrate it into a larger Rush bag, using the 5.11 Tier System. It uses straps to connect to the outside of a larger pack.

This would fit nicely into our idea of a Five Part Emergency System, which integrates several smaller kits to make one full on kit.

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Build Quality

Like all the 5.11 Rush series bags, the Moab is built with durable and lightweight 1050D nylon. That is a very tough material that can take tons of abuse and last for years.

YKK self-healing zippers were used in the build, which is important. They are strong, unlikely to separate and fail when you need them most.

The shoulder strap is cushioned and reinforced - designed to handle any load you throw at it and stay comfortable. It has a quick release buckle if the bag needs to be shed quickly.

5.11 Rush Moab Montage

The strap can be moved from the left side or the right, and the hip padding and buckle on the side you aren't using can be tucked out of the way.

A phone fits inside the little pouch on the strap, or use it for a tourniquet or small FAK.

There is also double stitched reinforcements where it matters most, along the stress points and on the top grab handle. This keeps the bag from falling apart during rough times.

There is a slicker material along portions of the back side, to allow unrestricted ease of movement. These areas are also padded for comfort.

Functionality & Design

The 5.11 Rush Moab 10 was built for a multitude of uses. It can be a great every-day bag, tactical bag, or emergency kit.

For our purposes here we will focus on using the Moab as an small emergency kit.

You can use the Moab as a WUSH Bag: where it contains your most valuable items and is small enough to store next to your bed at night and grab in a hurry.

It would be a great car kit, aka Get Home Bag, with essential items like a small FAK, change of clothes, and other small kit.

The bag is divided into 2 main areas. There is a front admin pouch (with hidden CCW area inside) and the main section which has some small storage areas and which opens fully to allow quick access to its contents.

5.11 Rush Moab Inside Pockets

The main compartment of the bag can hold quite a bit of stuff. There is a pouch in there that can hold a laptop or tablet if you needed to, but its a good spot to tuck in some clothing items.

The inside pockets are great for a small FAK, lights or flares, some snacks...anything that can go loose that you don't need to access on the quick. Save those items for the front admin pouch.

One of the features we are glad to see was the inclusion of a hydration pouch and a dedicated opening along the top to pass the hydration tube through. It's an important feature that gets passed by on a lot of bags.

5.11 Rush Moab Inside Exterior Features

And of course there is MOLLE all over the pack, so you can add packs our pouches as you see fit.

Lots of velcro too, cos you know, velcro must be on tac packs. PATCHES MAN.

These are great little packs. You cant go wrong with 5.11 in most cases, and the Moab 10 is no exception.

Where to get one

5.11 RUSH MOAB 10 Sling Pack 18L

Typical Price: $100

Part of the Rush Backpack series, the MOAB 10 is fully ambidextrous, high-performance sling pack loaded with tactical CCW utility.

Featuring a covert pocket, a coms pockets at the shoulder, fleece-lined sunglasses pocket , a pocket built for a 1.5 liter hydration bladder, an admin panel, and an interior compartment perfectly sized for a tablet and accessories, the MOAB 10 is ideal for everyday and operational needs.


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